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Kohinoor pink condom 3s x 7


Kohinoor xtra time condom 3s x 7

208 206

Kohinoor xtra time condom 10s x 4

396 390

Kohinoor pink condom 10s x 3

239 230

Kohinoor xtra time condom 3s x 10

297 290

Kohinoor xtra time condom 10s x 2

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Kohinoor pink condom 10s x 2

160 155

Pink Condoms combo

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Durex Kohinoor Juicy Strawberry Flavored Condoms


Durex Kohinoor Meetha Paan Flavored Condoms


Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Flavoured Condoms 10's Pack


Durex Kohinoor Silky Chocolate Condoms


Kohinoor Condoms

Kohinoor condoms are owned by Reckitt and Benckiser India. Kohinoor condom brand is one of the most popular condom brands among people. It is trusted by the millions of lovers around the world. Kohinoor condoms are made of high-quality natural rubber latex material. This is perfectly hygienic for human skin. Each condom is five times tested for the reliable quality. Kohinoor condoms are famous especially for the smell and size, most other branded condoms have a pungent scent but Kohinoor condoms have a different kind of fresh smell, which helps both partners to increase lovemaking sessions. Good condom ever among young couples for making a sexual encounter. Condoms are the great alternatives that product from birth control and more Sexually Transmitted Infections like AIDS, HIV, etc. It is not a reusable condom. It can be used for a single time only.

Kohinoor Condoms Types

In India, Kohinoor condom comes in multiple types such as Xtra time condoms, Dotted Condoms, Coloured Condoms, Xtra Dotted Condoms, Triple Extra Condoms and Flavours, Extra thin condoms. Each condom has a different purpose. Kohinoor condom flavours also are available in India, such as Kohinoor strawberry flavoured condoms, Kohinoor chocolate flavoured condoms, Kohinoor Paan(cherry) flavoured condoms and Kohinoor Kala khatta (orange) flavoured condoms.

Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms

Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms are specially made of high-quality latex and It contains a special climax delay lubricants. That is called as "Benzocaine", which helps him to delay climax and makes the strong relationship to last longer. Kohinoor Extra time condom is perfect for the young couples. Extra time condom that plays a role in a whole night that increases the pleasure and love between the couples.

Kohinoor Pink Condoms

Kohinoor Pink Condoms are a popular condom in India. This is one of the best small size condoms so this condom is most popular in the world. Most of the males feel like this is super fit. Kohinoor pink condoms are specially developed for Indian men and this is popular also in size and smooth. Lubricants also have been applied, it is easy to use, it is a very popular condom brand for both super fit and evoking a deeper sexual response from both partners.

Kohinoor Dotted Condoms

Kohinoor Dotted condom is the best for some real pleasure with protection and it gives the special pleasure for women. This is made of very fine latex and hence highly stretchable to give extra comfort while wearing this condom. Kohinoor dotted condoms have specially designed raised dots to increase pleasure and sensation exactly where you want it. Kohinoor Dotted condoms create more stimulation and extra friction, fulfilment for the receiving partner.

Kohinoor Condom Flavours in India

There are different types of flavours. All Kohinoor condom flavours are processed by Dotted and Coloured. It gives the best stimulation to your partner. It will help to make the insertion smoother with a well lubricating system. Flavoured condoms are mainly for the oral sex. Women prefer to use these type of condoms. Kohinoor condom comes in different flavours like Strawberry, Chocolate, Meetha Pann (Cherry) and Kala Khatta (Orange).

Kohinoor Condoms Size in India

Kohinoor condom size is 53 ±2 mm width and length 180mm. In India, almost all the Kohinoor condoms are of the standard sizing. However, Kohinoor Pink Condoms from Kohinoor brand happens to do things differently. They are made with the size 49 mm width and 170 mm length. This is one of the best super fit condoms. Moreover, they are anatomically shaped to make the fit better.

Kohinoor Condoms Price in India

Kohinoor condom price starts from Rs.26 for a pack of 3 condoms and they range till Rs.99 for the same pack of 10 condoms. Average per piece of condom price ranges from Rs.8.50 to Rs.10. This is very cheap but it is the best quality and super fit condoms in India.

Kohinoor Condoms Review

General review for Kohinoor condoms are "well lubricated and It is made of the best quality natural rubber latex so protection also is very high. It gives the perfect satisfaction of the desire. Kohinoor condoms price is very cheap but are super fit and very high quality".

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Fit size condom...awesome..
On  17-Aug-2018
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Wonderful product & service
On  14-Aug-2018
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Good product
On  07-Aug-2018
Fantastic -
Perfectly fitted for Indian men..good product...
On  06-Aug-2018
good Size -
good Size is small, it better for indian Size.
On  01-Aug-2018
100% privacy -
Appreciate the packaging secrecy
On  25-Jul-2018
Nice -
nice site for purchase
On  17-Jul-2018
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Very very good Service..
On  31-May-2018

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