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Homecheck - new instant ovulation test card


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Satisfied -
I am highly satisfied...thanks a lot....
On  03-Apr-2018
Satisfied -
I am highly satisfied
On  03-Apr-2018
Super -
Yes i am satisfied
On  06-Mar-2018
Accurate reading -
This is good product very accurate. Awesome product!
On  23-Dec-2017
great product -
increased motility.
On  03-Nov-2017
great product -
very effective
On  03-Nov-2017
good product -
it raised my ovum count.
On  03-Nov-2017
Absolute result -
It's a very excellent product. Works well....Very happy with this purchase.....
On  14-Aug-2017
Excellent! -
Very strong and super quality, inexpensive, very good product. This arrived on right time and very good conditions. I would say these definitely work, highly recommend this product to all interested.
On  11-Jul-2017
Exact temperatures -
Works as needed for a best price and good quality.
On  29-Jun-2017

How to use Digital Basal Thermometer?

How to use Digital Basal Thermometer?

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Understanding what is ovulation

A woman’s chances of getting pregnant are highest on two days on any month. These two days are the days after ovulation when the egg is present in a woman’s system.