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Eco femme panty liners without PUL - pack of 3


Eco femme day pad - single


Eco femme organic night pad - single


Eco femme travel pouch


Eco femme day pad plus


Eco femme full cycle kits


Eco femme panty liners without PUL


Eco Femme Organic Pantyliners without PUL (3 pads per pack)


Eco Femme Organic Night Pad


Eco Femme Organic Day pad


Eco Femme Organic Day Pad Plus


Ecofemme Organic pads Starter Kit


Eco Organic femme panty liners with PUL


Reviews (17)

Average Rating :
Good quality -
The website interface could be a lot better. Deliver and quality of products is really good. I didnt get anything extra.
On  18-May-2018
well products -
thank u for letting me discover new things!
On  15-Feb-2018
Wonderful -
So pretty, so soft, so comfortable - and so easy to wash. I'd recommend this a hundred times over.
On  09-Oct-2017
good experience -
good experience
On  13-Nov-2016
good experience -
good experience
On  13-Nov-2016
Clean and comfortable -
Been a content user for over a year on light bleeding days. Ordered this for a friend to gift. Join the revolution!
On  10-Nov-2016
First try -not bad -
Except the washing part -cloth feels way better!
On  17-Aug-2016
Good product -
Trying the eco friendly efforts - except the washing - all good -cloth way better!
On  17-Aug-2016
Excellent -
Another environment friendly option . the pads are easy to clean. now with eco femme pads and the she cup I do not have any menstrual waste to dispose and I am happy that I am doing this bit for our planet.
On  21-Jun-2016
Great way to avoid pads and do our bit for the planet -
On  30-May-2016