Flavored Condoms | Why do condoms have flavours?

Why do condoms have flavors?

Why do condoms have flavors?


Condoms are important while having sex; this is in order to avoid unexpected pregnancy and protect the sexually transmitted diseases. In actuality, condoms should be used at every time, irrespective of you having oral sex or sexual intercourse. When it comes to condoms, there are high possibilities that you are as of now immersed in the usage of conventional condoms. Should we add some flavour to it? You never know, it may upset the way you engage in sexual relations by including greater energy and feeling of satisfaction. Now condom comes in different brands and different types of Flavoured Condoms, Dotted Condoms, Ribbed Condoms, Thin Condoms, coloured condoms and latex condom, etc.


Flavored condoms especially for oral sex

Flavoured condoms are mainly used for oral sex on a penis. The flavoured condoms are designed to spice your lovemaking while making sure that you are protected. These Flavoured condoms help to change and improve your sex life. Condoms with added flavour or scent in them make sex more enjoyable by eliminating the boring latex smell. The taste and smell like a fruit flavour of an organic product. This flavoured condom helps women to have protected oral sex as well since the coatings were given usually safe to consume. Also, these scents are strong enough to create great ambience between the couples.


Most of the woman doesn't love to have oral intercourse on an exposed penis. When using a latex can make taste foul. It is a normal, latex condoms that arrive in a combination of flavours. Flavored condoms are a right change for best lovemaking. The art of lovemaking has had major transformations over the year, and so did the condom! Nowadays you can go buy condoms that taste and smells like Apple, Banana, Baingan, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Cherry, Coffee, Grape, Green Apple, Jasmine, Mint, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry and more flavours.


A few people like that they are flavoured because they think flavoured condoms taste superior to normal condoms. Flavours are always better. This is a totally individual preference. It's critical to realize that flavoured condoms should not be used for vaginal sex since it might cause infections. Oral sex without a condom is not a wise idea unless you know your partner very well. Unprotected oral sex can transmit HIV/AIDS and other STI. There are alternatives to flavoured condoms as well. 


Flavored condoms will bring excitement and versatility to your lovemaking while making it fun to abide by the important guidelines for safe sex. So most of the women love flavoured condoms. If need to make more pleasure just try to use flavoured condoms. You can buy Skore and Manforce flavoured condoms are easily in online condom store.


Nowadays, condoms can also be used to spice up lovemaking. Now flavoured condom comes with different brands like Manforce, Skore, Durex, Moods and Kamasutra, Carex. Specifically, Manforce and Skore flavoured condom come in multiple varieties.


Flavoured condoms in Indian Market

Apple flavour condoms - Durex and Manforce
Aloe flavour condoms - Moods
Black Grape flavour condoms - Manforce and Skore
Banana flavour condoms - Manforce, Moods and Skore
Butterscotch flavour condoms - Kamasutra
Cherry flavour condoms - Kamasutra, Manforce and Skore
Chocolate flavour condoms - Kamasutra, Manforce and Skore
Jasmine flavoured condomsManforce 
Orange flavour condoms - Manforce, Okamoto and Skore
Pineapple flavour condoms - Manforce and Skore
Vanilla flavour condoms - Kamasutra and Moods, Okamoto
Strawberry flavour condoms - Kamasutra, Manforce, Okamoto and Skore




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