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Which Condom is the best for Indian men?

Choice of a condom will never be the same to each and every men and woman out there. People who prefer the natural feel would go for Durex Feel Thin.


If you prefer the same natural feel, yet without the latex smell, you can go for the premium condoms
from Kamasutra - The SKYN Condoms.

            Kamasutra Skyn condoms

If you happen to be someone, who’s a good fit, you should choose Skore Easy Shaped condoms. With their unique anatomical shape, they will fit like a glove!

If you don’t know what is the type you prefer, you should try either KamaSutra Honeymoon pack or the
Moods Variety pack, which will have condoms of all types and varieties, in quantities of 3. So, you can try
them all and figure out what is the best fit for you!

Kamasutra Honeymoon surprise gift pack

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