female condoms - Advantages and disadvantages

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of female condoms?

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Female condoms can be a boon to some women and can be a bane to some women. It all depends on the question how to use female condoms. But, even if you use female condoms correctly, it would not be fruitful all the time, unfortunately. But, yay. It is a female condoms. Gone are the days' condoms were only male-oriented. Now it is female condoms vs male condoms. Let see when you use female condoms correctly, is it is an advantage or disadvantage. 

How to use female condoms

The question of how to use Female condoms can easily be answered. A typical female condom will consist of rings at the ends with a soft rubber bag in the middle. It is basically a bag. Just like it, one end will be open and the other will be closed. The closed end of the condom should be inserted into the female genitalia and the open end will be stuck outside. Some female condoms are lubricated to induce a smooth intercourse for men. There are also spermicidal female condoms available globally, which would kill the sperms. So that you can be assured you don't get pregnant or STDs. Now that you know how to use female condoms, do you like it already? Go ahead buy condoms online from Shycart and get them delivered to your doorstep at absolute privacy.

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What are the Advantages of female condoms

What sets the female condoms apart from male condoms is that the lubricant or the constituents that are added inside the rubber pouch (condoms), will stay intact and would not get in contact with the female genitalia. So, with female condoms, a woman's natural hormones are, literally, not all affected.

Another reason to use female condoms is that the outer ring is believed to tickle the male genitalia and induce a kind of fun and added pleasure during intercourse. A study states that more than 11% of the women are latex-allergic. Since Female condoms constitutes polyurethane or nitrile, even latex-allergic women can use female condoms. Female condoms have won the first round of female condoms vs male condoms

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What are the Disadvantages of female condoms

Now that you know how to use female condoms and their advantages, you should also know the disadvantages. This is where female condoms lose in the female condoms vs male condoms round number 2. You might have endured there a detestable noise during your lovemaking sessions.

Also, compared to the failure rate of Male condoms, which is 5%, female condoms have a higher failure rate. Again female condoms lose in the female condoms vs male condoms round number 3. That is why male condoms are the top selling condoms in India.

But, female condoms are largely used for anal intercourse. Some men become allergic to the constituents of female condoms. Some even report that the condoms get pushed inside due to the pressure exerted by the male partner.

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So, that's it. These are the reasons using which you shall decide about on how to use female condoms. Sometimes they can be fun. Other times, they can be a pain in the neck. Weighing the options, we can't really give a verdict on male condoms vs female condoms. But, you do feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section below. 

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