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Vibrating rings - 7 reasons why you should use.

Crezendo a vibrating ring


Carex Third Hand Vibrating ring (reusable rings)


Carex Basic Instinct Vibrating rings (resuable rings)


It is best to start out with something simple and basic that both of you will enjoy, like a Vibrating ring for instance.

It has become a very popular adult toy. The prominent reasons are

  1. It’ll please both you and your partner at the same time.

  2. The penis will stay erect longer because the ring restricts the blood flow in the penis, and let’s face it, this will also boost your ego ;-)

  3. Better clitoral stimulation thanks to the ring’s shape and vibrations

    Compared to other sex toys, crezendo pleasure vibrating rings for men are relatively cheaper.

  4. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use one

  5. Even in such a small category of the seemingly endless list of sex toys, there are still dozens of models to choose from. So take your time to choose a vibrating ring you both like, it’s very important to feel comfortable with it (sex is supposed to be fun remember?). Don’t forget to compare important differences like material, size, texture, waterproof, control, noise, weight and even colour.

    If you plan on going to a store to buy one, ask the salesperson to take the ring out of the package. This way, you can feel the material on your skin and even see how much it stretches.

  6. If you’re not up to the risk of running into your neighbour in an adult store, and you prefer to buy from an online adult store, make sure to read up on the different materials vibrating rings are made of. It’ll help you make the right decision and hopefully prevent any disappointment during your first “hands-on” experience.

  7. So if you want to make the time you and your partner spend together in the bedroom (or wherever you prefer) more exciting and pleasurable for the both of you, try on a vibrating ring for a change.

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