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Types of Skore Condoms in India

Skore banana flavoured condom 10's pack


Skore chocolate flavoured condom 10's pack


Skore orange flavoured condom 10's pack


Skore strawberry flavoured condom 10's pack


Skore blue coloured long lasting condoms 10's pack


Skore shades - coloured & dotted condoms 10's pack


Skore not out climax delay long lasting condoms 10's pack


Skore cool condoms 10's pack


Skore raised dots with extra lubrication 10's pack


Skore flavored cherry condoms 10's pack


Skore skin thin condoms 10's


Skore zig zag dotted & ribbed condoms 10's


Skore time less climax delay condoms 10's


About Skore

Skore Condom brand is a New brand, this is launched just in 2012 by TTK PDL, has risen to clutch the 3rd spot as the largest condom manufacturing brand. TTK PDL who was once the biggest condom manufacturer in all of India, rose from the ashes, like a phoenix bird and has made this possible after their dispute and eventual breakup with their partner, who was the manufacturer of Durex condoms.

Skore understood the stigma users face in disposing used condoms. They conducted a research with condom users and found out that most problems were associated with disposing of the used condom. So, with their Skore Easy Shaped condoms and Skore champion condoms, they introduced a sealable, water-resistant pouch for every condom, using which the once used condoms can be disposed of easily. These bags were loved by the users and became highly successful immediately. You would now wanna try these condoms with disposable bags, right? Don’t hesitate, just go ahead and buy condoms online India in Shycart with absolute privacy. This alone did not pave the way for the success of Skore condoms. They added several such features after understanding the need of the users. After being in the condom business for several decades now, TTK was able to pull it off pretty smoothly. One of the cool features that Skore did was introducing condoms in almost all the categories. Be it flavoured condoms or dotted condoms or climax delay condoms or ribbed condoms, would be available to them. And guess what? You can try all these unique flavours and combinations at the cheapest price available on the market. Skore offered cheap condoms at top quality with cool features. This is how skore became successful. You can buy skore condoms online.




Skore Condom Types in India

1. Skore Flavoured Condoms

2. Skore Long Lasting Condoms

3. Skore Skin Thin Condoms

4. Skore Cool Condoms

5. Skore Zig Zag Condoms

6. Skore Coloured Condoms

7. Skore Extra pleasure Condoms

8. Skore Mixed Condoms

9. Skore Time Less Condoms

10. Skore Dotted Condoms

11. Skore Ribbed Condoms

12. Skore Dotted and Ribbed Condoms

Flavoured Condoms

A flavoured condom, used mainly for oral sex, is a scented condom which will smell and taste like a fruit, with which it is flavoured. A lot of females don't love to have oral intercourse on a bare penis. On the other hand, using a latex can make taste foul. It is a regular, latex condoms that come in a variety of flavour. Flavoured condoms are a good change for best lovemaking. Mostly female likes flavours so Skore condom interduce more flavours like Banana, Green Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Orange, Strawberry and Pineapple.


                                            Flavoured condoms


 Skore Mixed Condoms

Moods Art of Love and Lovemaking booke. It is a limited edition pack with a variety of condoms. One can pick a condom from a wide variety available in this pack, depending on one's mood.

This Assorted pack of 16 Moods Condoms Contains the following :

  1. Ultra Thin Condoms
  2. Dotted Condoms
  3. All Night Condoms
  4. Ribbed Condoms
  5. Coloured Condoms
  6. Chocolate Condoms
  7. Scented Condoms
  8. Fruit Flavored Condoms


                                                Flavoured condoms

Long Lasting Condoms

Long Lasting Condoms make the fun and games never end. It helps long last in bed. Skore Not-Out condoms have a specially formulated lubricant, that delays your climax and keeps you going on and on. And the dotted texture makes it even more special. While raised dots make every moment special for her. So keep scoring and play the game not out.


                                         Flavoured condoms

Skin Thin Condoms

Skin Thin is the thinnest condom. It makes nothing come in between you and your partner. Now feel and experience more sensation with every single pulsating movement of your lovemaking. What is more, it comes with a special and easy to use disposal pouch.


                                           Flavoured condoms

Zig Zag Condoms

Skore Zig Zag Condoms are mixed with dotted and ribbed condoms. Dotted and Ribbed condom makes more pleasure to your partner and makes more excitement both of you and your lover.


                                        Flavoured condoms

Extra Pleasure Condoms

Make your lovemaking different each time with Skore dots. With an extra lubrication for every mood and its dotted texture, it's sure to make her go wild!


                                  Flavoured condoms




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