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Shecup - say bye to menstrual cramps

Being women is a challenging task since she has to undergo Menstruation from some twelve years till menopause. Every woman thinks at least once in their life why they were born as a woman due to menstruation and other related problems. Technology is putting more effort that makes women to be ease with displeasing periods. Shecup is the best menstrual solution, bell shaped container developed to collect the menstrual flow inside the body and scientifically designed to be invisible unlike of disposable pads does. Here are the few snippets of shecup that prevents from cramps and makes you much comfortable in terms of health.



Avoid menstrual cramps

 Women experience pains and aches during their periods. Shecup helps to reduce the cramps and quells pain. But there is no scientific proof for how it kills cramps and it has been a miracle. Few people had facing pain issue which is mainly due to improper usage.


How to use it properly

 Make sure your hands are clean. There are some sorts of positions that you can try to conveniently use it. First, you need to hold shecup and press it tightly and bend shecup in half and hold it by pressing with your thumb and index finger and then insert it inside the female genital carefully. If it is not properly inserted, you need to turn the shecup gently in order to form a seal with the walls of genital to prevent leakage.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

How to insert:


Hygiene and Protection

 There are no risks found with the use of shecup as it is being made of non-toxic silicone. It has undergone testing against acute system toxicity, implantation toxicity conducted by international norms. It is reusable and can be sterilised in account to prevent from rashes, irritations and infections. It leaves no room for any stains in clothes, dresses and allows us to be actively participant in any sports activity.






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