Reusable under arms pad 1 pair pack of 4

Reusable under arms pad 1 pair pack of 4

Washable underarm whitening Shields would reusable items that fit flawlessly underneath that armpit also camwood
be discreetly worn also need aid appendable by a method for snaps, tapes, pins. What's more could
Additionally, make sew-in.

100% cotton fabric to absorbency Also diminishing smell. Breathable sweat pad-resistant boundary keeps wetness starting
with getting around external apparel. An eminent answer for dry antiperspirant bills Furthermore drawn out clothing.

Key Features

- Absorbs sweat, What's more, keeps you new.
- It needs super Absorbent Polymer that offers greatest dousing ability.
- Washable & reusable.
- 100% skin inviting & agreeable.
- 2 layers of cotton fabric (absorbs sweat What's more diminishes odour).


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