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Pregnancy test kit - how accurate it is?


Pregnancy Test Kit- How it works?

Home Pregnancy test kits help to identify the existence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, simply called as hCG that is commonly found in pregnant women's urine. hCG hormone actually is made of up cells that is placed inside the placenta. It enters into blood particles when the fertilized eggs are implanted inside the uterus.


How to use it?


First of all, read out the instruction that comes with Pregnancy test kit. Methods vary slightly from one test kit to another. For getting accurate results, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully. Pour some small amount of urine which is collected in a sterile bottle over the test strip. A colour appears on the strip within specific time (As per guide, it is usually five minutes).


How to know whether the result is positive or negative?

If two colour lines appears on the control line, that implies that hCG exists.  It is likely to indicate pregnancy even if one line is lighter than other due to concentration in hCG. If only one colour line appears on the test kit, it implies that you are not pregnant. For best results, give it a try the morning, when your urine is most concentrated Signs of pregnancy .


Is there any chance to give fake positive or negative results?

 If you perform the test too early, it may give incorrect negative results Pregnancy calculator. It might be repeated again after a few days, due to significant amount of hCG’s presence in the urine. It is best to take the test after one week of your missed periods to avoid from inaccurate results. High rich protein in the urine may cause fake-positive results.



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