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Oil based lubricants vs water based lubricants

Personal lubricants or lubes are specific lotions utilized in intercourse and masturbation, to diminish the friction between the penis and vagina, used with sex toys and substitutes the natural moisture by the genetic fluids. Women in their menopause and who suffer from vaginal dryness benefit from this lube. It broadly falls under the categories as water-based,oil-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Oil based lubricants 

Oil based lubes use Vaseline or vitamin E oil as a base ingredient. Almost all top skin care products use vitamin E oil since it is naturally obtained and mild on skin. It has plenty of benefits towards skin, hair and health care. This oil is very much adaptable to produce a product of any consistency. It is said that oil based lubricant ensure a prolonged sexual activity. It is devoid of unnecessary additives and preservatives that are used in other categories.
Condoms are commonly made of latex, a rubber-like synthetic material. But it is unsafe to use condoms with oil-based lubricants since it damages and ruptures the material. But recently an alternative to latex, polyurethane (plastic) condoms, which are non-porous, stronger and thinner are available and they stand up to lubes with oil as their base. Moreover, cleaning of this lubes is required since it is sticky and greasy. Some lubricants even stain the fabric. These are very much recommended for male organ lubrication and to be used with sex toys. Due to its incompatibility with condoms, it is not preferred to be used with a contraceptive condom. Best for partners who are in the relationship and does not require a condom.Does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. 
Some of the best selling oil-based lubricants are Pjur: Women aqua, Pjur: Original Super concentrated body glide, Pjur: Women Super Concentrated Body Glide, Pjur: Light.

Water based lubricants

These are the most commonly used personal lubes since it is inexpensive and easily available. The base ingredients include glycerine, cellulose and other gel-forming agents which are added to influence the factors like, the ease of absorption, uniform spreading, retaining the wetness and prevent contamination.
They are easily absorbed into the skin and are evaporated but can be activated by simply applying water or saliva on the area.
Water based lubricants leave a remnant of the product on the skin and can be removed with water. Some are recently manufactured using a natural moisturizer, carrageenan, which do not form a residue on the skin and also acts a potential inhibitor of viral infections due to sexual transmissions. An ongoing research is testing whether these lubes prevent HIV transmissions.
Not suitable for sex plays in water since the formula is water soluble and becomes inactive. 
Also when suitably formulated, these are said to cause different sensations of warm, cool, tingle feel in the intimate areas. Many flavored lubricants which are highly preferred for oral sex are water based. 
It is suggested that a safer sex with water based lubes since it is compatible with latex condoms and does not damage it. It is best to combine the usage of the condom with the water based lubricant. It is also hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and the ingredients are closer to a natural composition.
Popular water based lubricants are Moods natural, Moods Warm. Durex Play very Cherry, SASMAR romance pack, Pjur: My Glide, SASMAR Warming, Wet: Phermone


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