Myths on Menstrual Cup Usage

Myths about Menstrual Cup

Myths about Menstrual Cup

Myths on Menstrual Cup Usage:-

1)Cup must sit low and should not touch the cervix

For the ladies with a low or medium cervix,  ensure that the rim of the menstrual cup covers your cervix and the cervix might sit inside the cup partially on heavy flow days. Don’t get panic as its normal. For the ladies with low cervix the menstrual cup will get easily adjusted with the cervix.

In case of high cervix category, you need to position the cup to sit lower and then its moved higher automatically when it’s necessary to remove. It’s quite normal as long as you do not feel any discomfort.


2)Create Seal by rotating the cup

The seal formed by the cup prevent any leakage and it’s not mandatory to do it by rotation. Instead you can check whether the insertion & positioning is correct by running your finger around the cup middle to check whether it’s fully opened. In case of low-medium cervix, when check using the finger & if you feed the vaginal walls it correct. In case of any feel like bump on your cervix, then it’s time for you to reposition the cup to cover your cervix.

3)It’s safe to use the company cleaning liquid.

The choice is yours to boil the cup, or use the mild soap or the vinegar to clean the menstruation cup.

4)Its not safe to use Lubricant with menstruation cups

Its always safe to use personal lubricant for easy insertion as some might not like the use of water to lubricate.  But make sure that you do not use the Silicone based lubes as it will degrade the silicone material of the cup.

5)Need to buy every year a new Menstrual cups

Its only based on our inner feel when to replace as most suggest that these cups lost for 10 years or more if its properly maintained. In case of any stickey or poweder residues on the cup, then its time for changing it. Also in case of odour or stains there after cleaning it properly, then also its time for changing to new cup

6)Blood flows into uterus when cup is full

Only option of flow is into vagina through the cervix hole and no way the blood goes back to uterus and the process of blood push happens from Uterus.


7)Virgins cannot use the cup.

The vagina will be narrower for virgin and hymen will be present. But this will not prevent a girl from using it as all can use the menstrual cups and its bit tough for the first timers initially.


8)Cup size 1 is for virgins & ladies who had not given birth. Size 2 is for ladies who gave birth.

Small cup is better and comfortable to wear as it suit the young women & who had not had sexual intercourse. In case of women who had multiple deliveries, there vaginal is stretched and the larger cups will be suitable for them. Also in case of more bleeding, its always best to use the large cup as it collects 5 ml more than the smaller cup.

9)The toilet flushing water can be used to wash the menstrual cup.

No, its not safe to use the flushing water as plenty of germs are there in the flush. It’s always safe to use wipes or water. If its not available, its better to use toilet paper in the bathroom.

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