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Myths about Menstrual Cup

Myth 1 : It is difficult to pee With the menstrual cup inside

Of course you undoubtedly can pee with the cup inside. While we pee from the urethra, we do not need to remove the cup to pee. Some women might complain that their cup slides out while they pee, maybe they are just not wearing the right cup for their body type. If this happens, it is advised to try a different cup. A bigger or firmer cup may help.

Myth 2 : Menstrual fluid flows back into the Uterus while sleeping or in inverted positions

No, this is completely untrue. The uterus pushes the fluid outside the body through the cervix and vagina. Your cervix, shaped like a donut, has a very tiny hole that does not allow the fluid to flow back into the uterus.

Myth 3 : The cup might get lost inside your body

No, the cup would never get lost inside your body. If you feel yourself internally with your finger you will realize that there is no room for your cup to get lost. The tiny hole in the cervix will never let the cup to move inside. Yes, it can move a little deeper within the vagina and you can smoothly bring it down with the help of 3-4 pushes with your vaginal muscles.

Myth 4 : You may lose your virginity by using the cup

You can only lose your virginity when you have sexual intercourse. The vagina may be tighter for virgins and the hymen may still be intact which may make it a little difficult to insert the menstruation cup in the beginning.

Myth 5 : You need a bigger cup after the age of 30 or post-delivery

Not necessarily. Usually younger girls/virgins tend to have narrower vagina when compared to women who have given birth naturally and hence need cups with smaller diameter. However, generally the size of menstrual cup required depends on your age, natural births given, flow, body built and fitness level.

Myth 6 : You don't need to sterilise menstrual cups after each use

Sure you do, if you don’t intend to catch infections. The best and safest way to disinfect your cup is by boiling it over the stove for close to 8-10 minutes before and after each period. If you don’t have access to the stove, it’s alright to use microwave or electric kettle once in a while. But don’t make this a habit. You may also use sterilizing tablets.

Myth 7. You can use vaginal wash to clean the cup

Not every vaginal wash can be used to clean the cup. Please check carefully the ingredients of the soap/wash that you use. As vagina has a low pH value, pH value of the soap should be 3.5 to 5.5. Oily cleansers should also be avoided as they attach themselves to the cup forming a film around it which collects smell and colour of menstrual flow.

Myth 8. One size fits all

One size cup can usually fit most women but not everyone. Each one of us is different externally and internally. Based on our lifestyle, width of the vaginal walls varies for different women. If you have narrow walls, you should use cups with smaller diameter and apparently larger diameter cups for wider vaginas. Another important factor to consider is the length of the cervix. You should select a cup length in a way that the cup does not form a seal on the cervix, but only with the vaginal walls as it can cause cramps in lower abdomen.

There are many more myths about menstrual cups. But, being the pioneers in selling menstrual cups online in India since 2012, shycart proudly advocates women to buy menstrual cups online and realize the great potential.

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