Moon cup - Complete review

Moon cup - complete review

It has a long stem or a tail for holding reason. Before we get a survey about the moon cup we will observe what menstrual container is really for those individuals who are perusing the word menstrual cup interestingly.

Menstrual Cup:

It is type of reusable menstrual security. It is embedded into the vagina to gather menstrual liquids. Once set up it frames a seal, counteracting blood streaming out of the vagina by gathering it in its "cup" formed supply. Not at all like a tampon which assimilates the blood alongside the vagina's common emissions, it just holds the liquids until you evacuate it – so they don't dry out the vagina and don't hold the TSS hazard that tampons do.


They hold around 20-30ml, which is for most ladies will adapt to an entire day without discharging, and at most maybe you would need to exhaust it a couple times each day for an overwhelming stream. It will last (with legitimate watch over) around 10 years, maybe more, so while the introductory cost is high, it pays for itself with reserve funds really fast.

 Moon Cup:

Prominently known as MCUK , Moon Cup-is the first silicone menstrual container. Yield of a ladies creator, its significant point was to give an advantageous, safe and eco-accommodating different option for tampons and sterile cushions. Ladies everywhere throughout the world they love it. This offers an end to the waste, distress and cost of expendable clean protection. It is only a reusable menstrual insurance.


A Lunette-Diva kind of half breed, with an exceptionally "sparkling" look to the silicone. Estimations are purportedly 43mm Diameter, 50mm length & 46mm Diameter, 50mm length. These containers have a thicker stem with very much characterized grasp lines on the base and stem. Same outline as Eva Cup.


It is comprised of top quality restorative evaluation silicone which is broadly utilized as a part of therapeutic consideration items, for example, newborn child areolas, and catheters and so on. Furthermore, what more it is dangerous free, smell free and sensitivity free. This item is additionally without Dioxin or hypersensitive materials. 100% safe to utilize and it liberates you from the pressure on those extraordinary days of each month. Lifespan of this item is up to 15 years. 




You just need one cup which will keep going for a considerable length of time. Suitable for ladies with delicate skin and sensitivities. Not at all like tampons, it won't open your body to pesticides or blanches, desert strands or dry you out. Also, in light of the fact that there's no string it is totally careful, whatever you're wearing. Perfect for voyaging, swimming, activity and overnight utilize.


It is worn inside, lower than a tampon, and gathers instead of ingests your menstrual liquid. It is collapsed and embedded into the vagina and opens up once it’s inside. You will need to uproot and void the container each 4 to 8 hours relying upon your stream. It is then just washed out or wiped, and reinserted. It can be cleaned all the more completely between periods.


It is intended to be collapsed and embedded into the vagina, then uprooted, washed and reinserted up to at regular intervals. A light seal is shaped with your vaginal dividers, permitting menstrual liquid to go into the container without spillage or scent. This seal is discharged for evacuation, permitting you to purge the substance, flush or wipe and reinsert. Agreeable, helpful and safe: it can be utilized overnight and when voyaging, swimming or working out.


How to use?

The cup is inserted into the vagina up to the cervix and placed over the cervix. Once it is placed in the position covering the cervix it forms a seal over the cervix collecting blood flowing out of the vagina by in its “cup” shaped reservoir. Unlike a tampon it does not absorb the blood along with the vagina’s natural secretions; it simply collects and holds the fluids until you remove the cup. The advantage menstrual cup has over the tampons is that they do not dry the vagina and there are no chances of TSS risks, infections, skin rashes etc. This cup can be used in two steps


Step1: Fold it first and hold at the closed end.


Step 2: Insert it inside the vagina with the mouth end going in first and place it close to the cervix and leave it on its own. The cup will automatically open up and sit in the position below cervix where it will start collecting the menstrual flow.


They generally hold around 15 to 20ml, which is like the outflow for majority women for a full day. So you can go for a day without emptying, if you have heavy flow you would need to empty it a few times a day. If properly maintained it will last up to 20 years which is like a lifetime of savings compared to the money spent on sanitary napkins and tampons.

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