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Is it better to have sex with or without condoms?

Some peoples are a view that sex feels safe with condoms because they can relax and not worry about STDs and pregnancy. For your health, it is better to have sex with a condom, to help prevent against communicable diseases. And some other people like using condoms because different sensations can happen while using them. But condoms protect you and your partner, so that can also make you feel closer. 

If you are someone who experiences low pleasure when your partner uses a condom for oral, anal or vaginal sex, you can use a lubes to help decrease friction between your skin and the condom. You can also make sure your partner is using a condom that fits well. There are different sizes of condoms and shapes of condoms and different types of condoms, so read each label to find out what might work best for both of you and your partner. Flavoured condoms can also be used for oral sex, because of flavoured condoms are impressed to your partner.

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If you are looking to get pregnant, it is better to have sex without a condom. As to which feels better, many people feel sex without a condom is the way to go because it is direct contact. we would suggest unless you and your partner have both been tested and no one is looking to get pregnant, sex with a condom is the better route to go. It will still feel good and it will definitely feel a lot better than the burning sensation while urinating associated with chlamydia. The multitude of issues associated with HIV.

What Does Sex Feel Like With a Condom?

Some people say that it is the best idea to wear the condom because it helps them feels better and relaxed about unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases(STDs). This mental relaxation leads to a more enjoyable with pleasurable sexual experience. People who have problems such as premature ejaculation say that wearing condom improves their timing. A condom reduces friction and often helps increase your staying power.

The type of condom used during the act also has an impact on how it feels to have sex. Some condoms are tagged as 'pleasure-enhancing' and they actually make sex a lot more exciting. Condoms with a coating of premium lube or enhanced textures make sex enjoyable for both parties.


What Does Sex Feel Like Without a Condom?

Some people enjoy the enhanced feeling they experience when having sex without a condom. They find it much smoother and exciting. Some men love skin on skin contact and they just do not want to sacrifice it by wearing a condom. Bare skin makes it a lot more intimate and the feelings of coming inside their partner add to the excitement. Some women are also in favour of having sex without condom because it lets them enjoy the real texture of skin and the feeling of being ejaculated inside their bodies

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