Does coffee lead to infertility?

Does coffee lead to infertility?

Worldwide there is an increase in fertility problems. 
Food Habits
To resolve the same, along with taking othercorrective measures, it’s time to analyse our lifestyles, in particular- ourfood habits. We just aren’t eating right: there is junk food and there arecaffeinated drinks. Both of these play their own roles in destroying the humanwell-being. Amongst Caffeinated drinks though, its consumption of Coffee thatis topping the list.

Coffee is believed to stimulate and keep onealert for a short span of time. But regular coffee drinkers feel none of it andconsume it mainly because of the mental dependence that they have on it. Coffeeis known to cause quite a few health risks. The one that causes most concernis- infertility. Researchers have plenty of evidence that consumption of coffeecan decrease fertility. This is because coffee contains a component calledCaffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that is also found in tea and few otherplants. Consuming it in the form of Coffee has health risks as Caffeine istoxic.

Drinking Coffee causes infertility in both menand women. When regularly consumed, in a male, Caffeine affects the Sperm countand sperm mobility. And in a woman, it reduces conceivability by causinghormonal changes that affect the process of ovulation. Also, caffeine has thepotential to greatly disturb other infertility treatments that a couple mightbe undergoing.

Abstinence from coffee for a period of three or four monthsbefore trying to conceive will help make the couple conceivable. As about threemonths is the time immature eggs take to mature and be ready for release duringovulation. And it is the same time sperm cells take to develop, ready to beejaculated. 

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