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Do women really love flavoured condoms?

Do women really love flavoured condoms?



Many people believe that the condom is just for insertion during intercourse. While a condom was designed just to prevent HIV and to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Don’t believe peoples when they tell you that you don’t need protection during oral sex. This misconception is dangerous leading to the spread of STDs. The flavoured condoms are designed to spice your love making while making sure that you are protected. Nowadays, condoms can also be used to spice up lovemaking. Now flavored condom comes with more brand like Skore, Manforce, Durex, KamaSutra and Carex. Specifically Manforce flavoured condom comes multiple varites.


Flavoured condoms will bring excitement and versatility to your lovemaking, while making it fun to abide by the important guidelines for safe sex. So most of the women love flavoured condoms. If need to make more pleasure just try to use flavoured condoms. Skore and Manforce flavoured condoms are easily available in online condom store. They have different types, a variety of flavours and they can be used for both intercourse and oral sex, as long as a new flavored condom is used for each act.

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