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Digital basal thermometer - a blessing to married couple


What is a digital basal thermometer?

Digital Basal thermometer, a digital device that is used to read your changes in body temperature meticulously rather than a normal thermometer does. It helps you out to predict ovulation and it is an adequate way to examine the best days for Successful pregnancy by monitoring your basal body temperature. It is highly sensitive that it records changes in one tenth of a degree temperature.



 How does it work?

The basic progression for successful conception is caused by the copulation during the time of gradual increase of levels of oestrogen and progesterone. It occurs during the ovulation phase and booming level of progesterone leads to rising in basal body temperature. At that time, hormones get prepared for the fertilised egg and it remains in the fallopian tube for 24 hours and sperms manage to be alive up to 5 days. So, the prediction of ovulation is an essential part of reproduction and it assists to put in place a plan for exact time for intercourse.


 What is the best time to take your basal body temperature?

To get an accurate reading, you just need to take your temperature very early in the morning before you even get up from the bed. It is because you just get the lowest temperature obtained by your body only after sleeping for several hours. Do the same process at the same time every morning for a few months. It comes with a chart for monitoring your temperature each day. After you ovulate, hormone causes an increase in temperature from 0.4 to 1.0 degree. Make a graph and temperature with dates in the chart for some months. You will just be able to find out the ovulation date by comparing the degree temperature between normal days and ovulation days – which are the best dates of love-making if you wanna to get conceived.


 Comparisons with Mercury-free glass:

The mercury-free glass actually takes up to three minutes to read your temperature. Perhaps Digital basal thermometer takes less than one minute. However, it is more convenient and has the ability to read the results very easily. Plus, it comes with a beeper and memory recall that is used to indicate of your last reading.


 One customer from Coimbatore purchased it because her doctor was advised the device. It really worked well and results are much accurate and she considers this product to be a boon to all women who are trying to conceive.

 Comparison with Ovulation strips:

Ovulation test kit is also used to indicate when ovulation is about to happen by testing your urine. It is convenient and expensive than the digital basal thermometer. Ovulation test kit ought to be used only on mid-cycle. Whereas it needs to be used each day. However ovulation test strips results are more accurate and predict the ovulation in few hours rather than digital basal thermometer does.

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