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Comparison between shecup and mooncup

What is a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cup is somewhat elegant cleanliness thing which is commonly made of therapeutic assessment silicone, shaped like a tall and is versatile. It is worn inside the vagina in the midst of month to month cycle to get menstrual fluid (blood), and can be worn in the midst of the day and overnight. The full menstrual cup is removed from the vagina, cleansed into the toilet or sink, washed and re-implanted (washing hands with a chemical before doing thusly is indispensable). Around the end of the month to month period, the glass can be sterilised, regularly by rising in water. Not at all like tampons and pads, the cup gathers menstrual fluid instead of engaging it. These cups are eco-accommodating, reusable and have a base lifetime of 4 to 6 years.


Shecup and Moon cup are of the two different types of menstrual cups.

Comparison between Shecup and Mooncup

Shecup comes in one size.

Mooncup comes in various sizes.


Shecup doesn’t have a tail.

Mooncup has a tail which makes it pulling out easier.


Shecup comes in one color.

Mooncup comes in various colors.


Shecup is smaller in size compared to Mooncup.


Shecup’s collection capacity is lesser when compared to Mooncup.


Shecup being smaller in size is comfortable for women who have not delivered a child.

Mooncup fits comfortably for women who have given birth.


Shecup is little expensive when compared to Mooncup.


We saw some of the key points in the comparison between shecup and mooncup.





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