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Brands of Menstrual cup online in India

Menstrual cup - shecup

1064 1059

Menstrual cup - shecup double

2118 2080

Menstrual cup - aneer moon cup

750 600

Diva cup - menstrual cup

3600 3100

Rustic art menstrual cup - “a friend forever“


Rustic art menstrual cup - “a friend forever“- only cup


Stone-soup Wings - reusable Menstrual cup


Boondh Menstrual Cup


Menstrual cup - shecup - L type


Everteen Menstrual Cup - Small Size


Everteen Menstrual Cup - Large Size (30ml)



What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is one of the reusable cups. It is a type of feminine hygiene product which is usually made of medical grade non- allergic silicone, non-toxic, shaped like a bell. And it is very flexible. Which is used to collect the menstrual blood, Unlike tampons and pads, the cup collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it. This reusable menstrual cup made of Silicone and Rubber. Buy menstrual cup online in India, reduce your stress. Different type of brands available in Shycart. Like SheCup, Aneer moon cup, Diva cup, Rustic Art menstrual cup, Silky cup, Lily Cup, Lunette Cup, etc.

Different Types of Menstrual cup brands

Menstrual cup available more types online in India, like Shecup Aneer Moon cup, Diva cup, Silky cup, and Rustic Art Menstrual cup etc, Shycart recommended for all the women, try to use the menstrual cup. Check out our website, buy menstrual cup online at low cost from Shycart.


She Cup is one of the best menstrual cups in India. A menstrual cup is shaped like a bell type. Which is A menstrual cup is usually made of medical grade non-allergic silicone, non-toxic. This is a type of feminine hygiene products. It is flexible and used to collect the menstrual blood from the vagina. Once full, it can be emptied into the toilet or sink, washed and reinserted. SheCup is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow. Buy menstrual cup online in India from Shycart, very useful to all the women.


The She cup material will not react with your body. This is worn internally and sits low in the vaginal canal, collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. The main reason to use She cups, are so much better for you than a pad/tampon is that it is smooth, inert and will not affect the workings of your vaginal wall's self-cleaning mechanisms. The She cup is the only Menstrual solution alternative which can be reused and sterilised. Buy menstrual cup online in India, get more benefits.


Buy menstrual cup online in India, She Cup provides 12 hours leak free protection. SheCup offers up to 12 hours of hassle-free day and night menstrual care and covers your heaviest to lightest menstrual flow. SheCup is ideal for women of all shapes and sizes. SheCup keeps you clean, dry and super active throughout periods. Ideal for all daily activities such as playing sports, swimming, cycling, diving, travelling, trekking, climbing, caving, dancing, bowling, sitting, walking, driving and sleeping;


Now no more odours, stains, wetness, itching or leaking during periods. Hole-less Menstrual She Cups are designed for higher capacity, so now you don't need to awake till midnights. No more leakage; even you don't feel its presence! Periods care made easy. Travel, exercise, play sports, dance and swim with no fear of leaks during your periods. She Cup can hold up to 30 ml discharge during periods, which is 3 times more than tampons or pads can absorb. She Cup is easy to insert, remove and use. She Cup is a reusable and washable feminine hygiene product.


  1. It's really easy to use
  2. cost-effective
  3. it's environmentally friendly
  4. something a little softer 
  5. overall it seems to work really great

Side effects

It doesn't cause nappy rash or soreness. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is not a side effect. Best of all, it's very eco-friendly. Using a menstrual cup will keep 10000 pads and tampons out of landfills and the ocean for every woman out there.

Menstrual Diva Cup

The DivaCup, launched worldwide in 2003, is a revolutionary alternative to tampons and pads. The Diva Cup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup, it is collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. The DivaCup eliminates the inconvenience and expense of purchasing travelling disposable products in endless absorbencies, shapes and sizes. The DivaCup conveniently accommodates your changing flow: simply empty 2-3 times per 24 hours, wash and reinsert. Can be worn confidently overnight and is per travelling. Buy menstrual cup online in India, The DivaCup is made from the highest quality healthcare grade silicone to assure comfort and durability, it is easy care not feel and use make for a better period experience and can safely be worn for up to 12 hours at a time.


Diva Cup is a more sanitary feminine hygiene solution than sanitary napkins, tampons or pads. While using a Diva Cup, even not feel cause irritation presence. Diva Cup can be worn overnight. Buy menstrual cup online in India, Which is a comfort because of irritation or dryness. Diva Cup has no wings or strings. It contains no latex, silicone, PVC, Phthalates, proteins, BPAs, dioxins, bleaches, perfumes, pesticides or carcinogens. Diva Cup is non-allergenic and non-toxic. It leaves no residual fibres.


Ultimate Freedom: enjoy all daily activities, yoga, swimming, camping, dancing, even extreme sports and more....without worry or accidents.


  1. Feminine Hygiene Protection
  2. Award Winning
  3. Clean - Comfortable – Convenient
  4. Reusable: Economical and Eco-Responsible
  5. Proven Reliable Protection - No Leaks
  6. 100% Silicone - No Latex, Rubber, Plastic or BPA


Model 1

For women under 30 years old who have never delivered vaginally.

Model 2

For women over 30 years old and/or for women who have delivered vaginally.

Silky Cup

A Silky Cup is a bell-shaped device worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect menstrual fluid. Menstrual Silky Cup provides a viable alternative to sanitary napkins, cloth menstrual pads, tampons, sanitary towels, sanitary pads, panty liners and disposable sanitary pads. The reusable menstrual Silky Cup is the most attractive alternatives to other feminine hygiene products.


Reusable menstrual Silky Cup gives you 12-hours wear time as well as comfort and convenience during your period. Silky Cup has a life expectancy of up to 10 years if maintained correctly. Try it and you'll see how it fits into your busy life! It is the most modern intimate hygiene product for girls and women.


A menstrual Silky Cup offers many advantages such as sleeping well, visiting the pharmacy less, holds more liquid, wards off rashes, lightens your purse, requires less changing, saves money, allows for an extra five hours in between changes, cause you to suffer fewer leaks. Silky Cup can easily manage heavy bleeding, irregular periods and prolonged menstrual periods.


Now it is time to try a Silky menstrual Cup. Buy Menstrual Cup online in India, it helps you to manage your periods. Menstrual Silky Cup is easily creating a seal inside to experience a complete leak free period. The menstrual Silky Cup enhances the quality of a woman's life. You will realise those period days just like any other normal days. Using a menstrual Silky Cup can change your life for the better. A one-time investment that saves your valuable time and money. The reusable menstrual cup is also known as Vaginal Cup, Menses Cup, Menstruation Cup, Masikdharm Cup, Period Cup, Sanitary Cup, Tampon Cup, Masik Cup, Masik Dharm Cup, Silicone Cup for periods and Silicone menstrual cup.


Silky Cup sizes

Size L - Suitable for women who have the tall and strong build or given birth to a child by vaginally or by caesarian section or who are over the age of 30 years.


Size M - Suitable for women who have the medium build or not given birth to a child or women up to the age of 30 years.


Size S - Suitable for preteen girls and very slim or small framed teenage girls up to the age of 15 years.

Menstrual Aneer Moon Cup

The Aneer Moon cup is simply a reusable Menstrual cup made of high-grade silicone to collect the menstrual fluids.The product is bell-shaped menstrual and designed to be used by inserting it internally into the female organ.It is fastened inside the vagina and the menstrual travelling discharge for a minimum of 12 hours.Menstruation made easy.

The Aneer Moon cup can be used overnight travelling, Sports and swim or exercise. It is also available in two sizes(S, L) and is designed to be used with ease, worn comfortably, and to supply an amount of leakage protection. It retails for the best price as the Lunette at Low prices. Buy menstrual cup online from Shycart, Size is related to age and childbearing history as these can affect pelvic floor tone.


Size S (Small) - Recommended for Women who have not given birth vaginally regardless of age or less than 25 years of age.
Size L (Large) - Recommended for women who have given birth vaginally regardless of age or older than 25 years of age.

Rustic Art menstrual cup

Menstrual Cup is the right step towards hassle-free period and saving the environment from the harmful effects of sanitary napkins and tampons. It is made of 100% platinum silicone. It is very soft, Eco-friendly, easy to use, body-friendly, hygienic, reusable, economical and non-allergic.


Rustic Art Menstrual cup comes in two sizes:

Small – For women of age between 18 to 25 years of age
Large – For women above 18 years

Safety, Quality and Standards

We believe that all women should have a happy and healthy period experience. That is why we do everything we can to ensure our products are tested and manufactured with women’s health and comfort in mind. The Menstrual Cup is tested within International standards. ISO 10993 is a Quality Standard governed by the International Organization of Standardization in Geneva, Switzerland, and is recognised and practised in over 160 countries around the world. ISO 10993 is the quality standard for medical devices.

Menstrual Cup is safe: Menstrual Cup is developed especially for menstrual hygiene management. Menstrual Cup has been tested as per the United States pharmacopoeia (USP) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO)International standards. Menstrual Cup has passed the all necessary ISO 10993 tests with great success.


The Menstrual Cup is first folded or pinched and then inserted into the vagina. It will normally unfold automatically and create a light seal against the vaginal walls. In some cases, the user may need to twist the cup or flex the vaginal muscles to ensure the cup is fully open. In most cases, a Menstrual Cup will migrate upwards and sit against the cervix. If correctly inserted, the cup should not leak or cause any discomfort, those who are familiar with inserting a non-applicator tampon should learn faster how to insert a cup, though there is still a learning curve. There are a number of different folding techniques that can be used for insertion. If lubrication is necessary for insertion, it should be water-based,


After about 4–12 hours of use (depending on the amount of flow), the cup is removed by reaching up to the stem of the cup in order to find the base. Simply pulling on the stem is not recommended to remove the Menstrual Cup, as pulling it down will create suction. The solid base of the cup is pinched to release the seal, and the cup is removed. After emptying, a reusable Menstrual Cup should be rinsed or wiped and reinserted. It can be washed with a mild soap and sterilised in boiling water for a few minutes at the end of the cycle. Alternatively, sterilising solutions (usually developed for baby bottles and breast pump equipment) may be used to soak the Menstrual Cup.


One Menstrual Cup is usually more expensive than a package of sanitary napkins or tampons. However, Menstrual Cups can be used for many years, which makes them more favourable compared to tampons and disposable pads in the longer term. Depending on the female's cycle and habits, within about six to 12 months a Menstrual Cup can start to save money compared to buying pads or tampons.



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Many more Indian brands which have been left out of this article, some of which are even listed on your website: Boondh: Knob cup, Medical Grade Silicone, Designed in India & manufactured in China. Avaible at, and Nari Yari Cup - knob cup– Indian make, Medical Grade Silicone Available on and hygiene and you Pratham - stem cup– Indian make, Medical Grade Silicone Available on, HygieneAndYou and Flipkart. Directly from Volunteers – Find one on this link: Rustic Art - Stem Cup– Designed in for India, manufactured in China Available on, Amazon and HygieneAndYou. RUTU Menstrual Cup, stem cup Made in India(Maharastra) Medical grade Silicone. Available on Shecup - knob cup – Indian make, Medical Grade Silicone Available on HygieneAndYou shykart and few other websites Stonesoup Wings - stemless cup- Available on, HygieneAndYou Amazon and Flipkart. Also available in select Health and Glow stores in Bangalore. On hygiene and you you will also find some good foreign brands. Based on your budget you can choose. Steer clear of Chinese generic cup brands - most of them material and manufacturer unknown. Online websites are full of those. Please check back your choice in the group for reviews. Above are some good Indian brands
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I am using shecup menstrual cup...It was a fantastic experience...Super quality..
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