Anion napkins - how different are they from normal napkins?

Anion napkins - how different are they from normal napkins?

Anion sanitary napkins contain Negative ions which featuresit’s specialty amongst the other brand. They are designed to enhance a healthyand stress free life.
They differ from the other napkins for so many uniquereasons.
· Eradicate bad odor
· Enhance metabolism
· Reduces stress
· Strengthen immunity
· Removes fatigue
· Enhance hormonal balance
· Treats inflammation
· Eliminates bacterial infection
· Supports nervous, respiratory and cardiovascularsystems
· Increase physical stamina
· Balance blood pressure
· Reduce pain
· Skin smoothening

Negative anions
The negative ions are present everywhere in our surrounding. It is found in the air, water. Negative anions contribute a lot to our health and well being. The female inflammation is caused due to anaerobic bacteria. By using an anion embedded strip, the anaerobic bacteria is reduced and creates produces Anions of high density which is good for the respiratory organs.

7 Layer protection

Anion pads consist of the 7 layers, each of which uniquely stand for a specific protective reason. Along with the emission of negative ions, the 7 layer protection makes anion the best and comfortable napkin.

Layer 1: Ultra thin Surface Layer. Premium Soft cottony surface gives a light and soft comfort feel. 
Layer 2: Anion Layer. Unique anion padding, eliminates bad odor, bacterial infection and the menstrual discomforts.
Layer 3: Ultra thin soft sterilized layer. Ultra soft cotton layer for better absorption. This layer enhances the gel technology which hardens the menstrual discharge and does not allow for any leakage or stains.
Layer 4: Absorption Layer. Super absorbent polymer locks in the moisture and keeps the upper surface clean and dry.
Layer 5: Ultra soft bottom Layer. Enhances freshness and dryness.
Layer 6: Ventilation bottom Layer. Eliminates moisture and maintains freshness.
Layer 7: Non allergic Adhesive Layer. Layer with sticking agent that does not cause allergy and with human ergonomics.
Anion napkins are better than the Best sanitary products found commercially. They keep you safe and healthier.

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