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Advantages of Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cup is a boon to the women community for those tough time during periods. Check out the advantages of using best menstrual cups in India.


The cups collects menstrual blood instead of absorbing & soaking them like pads/tampons.

It is reusable for up to ten years or more.  Considering the usage for even 1 year and comparing it with pads / tampons, this shows the cost-effectiveness of cups.  


There are absolutely no land fills and there is no talk about degradation 

Health grade silicone material

This is usually made of medical grade silicone. It is tested for biocompatibility and appropriate to be used for medical applications, worn inside the female genitalia during menstruation, they are highly flexible wearing it. It feels like not wearing it at all and would not cause any discomfort when worn for long hours.

Latex Free

The cup is Latex-free, plastic-free, BPA-free, odour-free and free of chemically induced artificial colours/dyes

Zero Leakage & No stain

There is absolutely no possibility for leakage that eventually leads to staining of clothes. The only thing to be done right is the correct insertion & placement of the cup.

Clean, Healthy and Hygienic

They can be easily maintained. They can be removed, emptied, cleaned and re-used with too little effort.

No trees being cut

You are the saviour of trees that gets destroyed to make the paper-based alternatives.

No/less embarrassing odour

The odor that emanates from the menstrual pads/tampons makes you feel the discomfort, at times. Menstrual cups keeps you clean and protects you from all the embarassing odors.

More time between change

Checking the soak levels and making a decision on changing the pad is a regular thing that happens during the periods. With menstrual cups, all that had to be done is to drain the cup and clean it and place it back. As simple as that.

Buying the best menstrual cup available in India and using them during your periods, will keep you less-messy and more happy.

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Menstrual cup - shecup

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Menstrual cup - aneer moon cup

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Diva cup - menstrual cup

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Rustic art menstrual cup - “a friend forever“ - Large


Stone-soup Wings - reusable Menstrual cup


Boondh Menstrual Cup


Menstrual cup - shecup - L type


Everteen Menstrual Cup - Large Size (30ml)

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