Question : Tightening my vagina?

i broke up with my bf just a month ago we had protected sex for around 20 im 20yrs and i ll get married at 24yrs..within that i want to tighten my vagina so that my husband don't find that im not virgin..plss help me do some thing without any medicines or there any possibility of my vagina to shrink by itself within 3yrs.when i had sex first time i didn't bleed.wat does it bf''s penis will be small about 6 inches and not more thick..wats the prob i had and wat should i do plss suggest me some ideas.

Posted on : 10-Sep-2013

You can't get your virginity back. But you can tighten your vagina by use the tightening creams.

Src: Yahoo Answers:;_ylt=AlpziBtzUbrnxs5ZZjS_Y7qRHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20130626220043AAjgcYj On 10-Sep-2013