Question : Will i be a pregnant?

Hello first day of my last period was on 1/6/2013....and had sex with my husband continuously till 14/6/2013..due to some reasons we didn't have sex from 15th to 23.....i have a 30 day cycle....are there any chances for me to get pregnant...?? very much eagerly waiting to be a me
Posted on : 12-Sep-2013

More chances are there to get pregnant.It depend on your fertility. Wait until for the next periods, if you didn't get your period make a test by using the pregnancy test kits.

Src: Yahoo Answers:;_ylt=AnRq5l8J9VQFdODs.9f0PD6RHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20130626225456AApLOFt On 12-Sep-2013