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Buy Sperm motility boost online India | Motility boost | shycart
Sperm motility boost for men

Sperm motility boost for men

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Sperm motility boost for men is a natural combination of antioxidants and amino acids that enhance various aspects needed to maintain healthy sperm increasing motility. It’s function range from increasing semen volume, percentage of motile sperms, enhancing its viability and the required morphology needed for successful conception.


Infertility has become a predominant problem all over the world.  Increasingly, men are facing the issue of reduced sperm count and sub optimal level of sperm quality.  Studies reveal that Three decades ago sperm count of an average adult male used to be 60 million per ml now it is only 20 million per ml.  In India over 12-18 million couples are diagnosed with infertility.   40 % of men belonging to the reproductive age show decline in sperm quality especially with regard to sperm motility.   Most of these problems have emerged due to lifestyle factors such as pesticide exposure, tight clothing, and men exposed to high temperature workplaces such as dyers, blast furnace workers, cement, and steel factories. Even one degree rise in temperature leads to 14% suppression in sperm production.

Key to successful pregnancy: Buy sperm motility boost.

Unhealthy sperm motility is characterised, when the percentage falls below 25 -50 % in a single ejaculate resulting in chances of infertility. Low sperm count is a predominant problem that manifests due to life style changes, emotional stress and nutrition etc.  However it can be effectively overcome. The causes of infertility are equally shared by male and female.  It is the quality of sperm that decides the male infertility rate. Its quality is described in terms of its motility that is ability to move or swim towards the ova eventually causing fertilization. Primarily, this product gives immense scope to avoid methods such as artificial insemination and ivf treatment to a possible extent.

How it works to increase the spontaneity of sperm’s movement

Researchers have studied and proved that anti oxidants improve sperm motility by 6.5% to 8%.  The motility boost for men is rich in anti oxidants and amino acids such as the N-acetyl-cysteine, arginine, L- carnitine, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, quercitin, and Coenzyme Q-10 and an important herb Macuna Pruriens that improve low sperm motility.  

The interactions of these nutrients help in optimizing sperm viability and increase blood flow thereby, nourishing the entire male reproductive organ.  In action, these anti oxidants reduce the oxidative stress that is the cellular damage caused due to free radicals that leads to low sperm motility.  Arginine plays a key role in maintaining erection. Its presence at the head of the sperm is vital for its motility consequently increasing the rate of pregnancy. Also, Vitamin E is a key player in increasing sperm motility. It is a fat soluble anti oxidant.  It prevents the fat structures of sperms from breaking down thus maintaining its morphology.

In addition, amino acids (L- carnitine) promote required morphology of the sperm that enhances the high motile sperm percentage. It helps in maturation of sperms.  They help to strengthen libido and improve prostate gland health which in turn increases testosterone production. Coenzyme Q-10 functions to improve the quality of seminal fluid in particular. It increases the volume of semen by almost doubling it.

Causes of male infertility

Apart from inherent biological issues, the reduction in sperm count could arise due to over exposure of environment factors such as heat, toxins, and chemicals from pesticide and insecticide found in our food which behave like estrogens and reduce sperm production. Deficiency in vitamin C, zinc, selenium also contributes to the problem.  Moreover, frequent saunas, hot baths result in overheating of testicles causing reduced sperm production. It is also said laptops while operating reaches temperatures of over 70 degrees Celsius. They are frequently positioned close to scrotum increasing its temperature; also they sit with thighs close together to balance it, trapping the scrotum between the thighs aggravating the heat.

Tips to increase sperm motility

Nature has given us abundant ways to enhance sperm motility naturally. Food rich in vitamin C are recommended like citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, pomegranate juice etc. Ideally a man needs 200 micrograms of folic acid. They are found in leafy greens, potatoes, beans and fortified cereals.  Besides these, Vitamin E found in almonds, sunflower oil, spinach, avocado, peanuts, shrimp etc are vital.

Studies  show that men engaged in exercise one hour a day had 48% more concentration of sperm than men who exercised less than an hour.  It also advised not to drink a lot of coke as the sugar lowers the testosterone production.  Bacon impacts negatively on sperm count as well.

Dosage and side effects

It is ideally recommended to take 3 capsules a day after each meal. For maximum result, regular intake over a particular time frame is to be maintained.   These capsules are free from any know side effects. However, consult doctor prior use if any peculiar medical issues exist.

Customer reviews

After the intake of these capsules my motility has increased significantly. This product has given me immense satisfaction.

My husband was diagnosed with low sperm motility. This product gave immediate result by increasing the motility by 10%. This is working.

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Used this along with motility boost and the results are really good, but should be used continuously for 3 months
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I am highly satisfied...thanks a lot....
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I am highly satisfied
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I am highly satisfied
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Yes i am satisfied
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Yes i am satisfied
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increased motility.
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Very strong and super quality, inexpensive, very good product. This arrived on right time and very good conditions. I would say these definitely work, highly recommend this product to all interested.

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