Buy Moods Silver Electrify condoms online in India | shycart
Buy Moods Silver Electrify condoms online in India | shycart
Moods silver electrify condom pack of 12 condoms

Moods silver electrify condom pack of 12 condoms

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Discover the spark of lovemaking with Moods Electrify. These Ribbed, Dotted, Flared and Climax Delay (Special lubricant with 5% benzocaine in PEG) condoms give you electrifying sensations that go on all night. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex. Natural latex colored lubricated condoms with reservoir tip. MOODS MALE LATEX CONDOMS, also available in other exciting variants.

Moods Silver Electrify Condoms comes with an electrifying condom that lightens up your sex life! This pack of Moods Silver Electrify Condoms is enclosed with ribbed, dotted, flared and climax delay condoms.

A single pack Of Moods Silver Electrify Condoms consists of 12 pieces. These Moods Condoms are ribbed and dotted textured. Ribbed condoms are known to heighten pleasure by ribs mounted over its surface giving it an extra textured layer. This added texture in the Moods Condoms provides the necessary friction between the penis and the vaginal wall triggering the erogenous zones in a pleasurable way. Multiple orgasms are triggered that will be an exhilarating experience. Moods Silver Electrify Condoms are known to give a mutual orgasm to you and your partner. Moods Silver Electrify Condoms eliminate your concerns of premature ejaculations and lets you have a memorable experience.

Dotted condoms have always been fancied by couples who seek more adventures and excitement in the game of intimacy. Moods Condoms dotted on its surface are similar to the ribbed texture but instead of ribs, they have a bulb-like dotted texture mounted over the outer surface that gives immense pleasure as the nerves stay excited for a longer duration. People with lesser sensitivity in their genitals prefer their Moods Condom dotted for better sensations. With a blend of both dotted condom and ribbed condom, the Moods Silver Electrify gives you a duality of sensations and a kinkier way of expressing love. Moods condom dotted and ripped are a great way to spice up your intimate experiences.

Sensual pleasure tends to grow longer with time and the climax delay Moods Condom assists you to last even longer. The climax delay moods condoms elevate your confidence and also let you have the best time of your life with your loved one. Lubricated with 5% benzocaine in polyethylene glycol (PEG), the Moods Silver Electrify Condoms are assured to make you last longer in bed.

Flared Moods Condoms fits perfectly along the shaft of the male genitalia and provides an adequately comfortable room for the penis head in the form of a bell end to easily get the condom rolled over the genitalia. It is followed by a reservoir tip that collects semen. Reservoir tips of the moods silver electrify condoms are very important as it prevents it from breakage or bursting during consequent thrusts. Moods condom that dotted, ripped are flared shaped to gives a firm fit of the condom over the genital.

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Product features:-

The Moods Silver Electrify Condoms is loaded with the following features:
• Effectively lubricated with 5% benzocaine in PEG
• Ribbed and dotted.
• Climax delay
• Non allergic natural rubber latex
• Comfortable fit

Do you feel shy about buying the Moods silver electrify condoms from a physical store? Perhaps it’s time for you to buy condoms online at Shycart! Buy the Moods silver electrify condoms at Shycart and get assured discretion in packing and delivery.

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