Buy Medela Nipple Contact Shield Online India | shycart
Buy Medela Nipple Contact Shield Online India | shycart
Medela -  contact nipple shield
Medela -  contact nipple shield

Medela - contact nipple shield

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Every baby is unique. The way a baby latches on to a mother for breast feeding is very important. There are babies which do have latch on problems. Besides, mothers might have flat/ inverted/ cracked/ sore nipples. Medela Nipple contact Shields comes in rescue for the problems above.

What is Medela Nipple Contact Shield ?

It is a thin and flexible cover that is worn over the areola and nipple during feeding. It has holes at the end of nipple to allow the breast milk. These usually made from silicon, latex.

Who can use this product:

Some mothers have sore or cracked nipples, so they feel difficult to breastfeed. Nipple shield allows mother to continue breastfeeding until her sore or cracked nipple gets healed. Some of them have very small or inverted nipples, for which nipple shield helps to feed the baby despite these difficulties.

Is it safe to use this?

It is made from silicon and BPA free. The anatomical shape of the contact shield allows the baby to feel the warmth of the mother. The medela nipple shield provides deep sensation in the baby’s mouth that encourages the baby to keep sucking.

 How to clean the shield:

  1. Wash it in hot soapy water.
  2. Then rinse it hot clean water after every use and allow it to dry.
  3. Boil once daily.


  1. It’s very thin and made with soft silicon.
  2. BPA Free.
  3. Odorless and tasteless.

 Product specification:

  1. Sizes: small – 16mm, medium – 20mm, large – 24mm           .
  2. Handy carry case for hygienic storage and transport.
  3. Two shield per pack.

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