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Buy Manforce Banana Flavoured Intense Condoms | Manforce Flavoured Condoms | shycart
Manforce banana flavoured intense condoms 10

Manforce banana flavoured intense condoms 10's

Brand: Manforce

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Turn your innocent girl into a monkey-like or coquettish in bed with Manforce Banana Flavoured Condoms. Make you lovemaking session even more exciting with this Manforce Banana flavour. Manforce Banana Condoms are not just flavoured, to your surprise the condom's contour is dotted! Buy Manforce Banana Flavoured Condoms online at shycart without any shyness and your privacy is our priority.

Manforce Banana Flavoured Condom

Manforce Condoms are made from the prime choice latex ensuring exceptional quality, which is manufactured within the guidelines of ISO certification. Manforce Banana Flavoured condoms offer the couples safe sex and keep them titillated throughout their lovemaking session. Manforce Condoms are not restrained to produce single flavour, they unveil a huge range of exciting and exquisite flavoured condoms. Totally 7 capricious variants have been launched in the name of Manforce Flavoured Condoms in India. Among the 6 titillatingly delighting Manforce flavoured condoms, Banana is very popular among the youth of this generation. The unique flavour of Manforce Banana Condoms is popular among all fruit lovers. Banana flavoured condoms take your eroticism to the new heights that never experienced ever in your experience. The extra dots, on the other hand, will make her toes clutched the whole time when you're penetrating into her as it abrases the sexually sensible spots deep inside her wet vagina. Manforce Banana Flavoured Condom pack contains 10 pieces of lubricated, extra dotted and banana flavoured condoms.

Manforce Banana Condoms – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Coloured and Lubricated

Texture: Dotted

Shape: Straight walled & Teat ended

Flavour: Banana

Condom Size: Length 180 mm (min) | Width: 53 ±2 mm

If you are looking for an effective contraceptive, grab this Manforce Intense Banana Pack of 10 for your partner. She will stay safe from unwanted pregnancy and will also enjoy the maximum amount of pleasure during times of intimacy. Made of good quality rubber, these condoms are skin friendly and highly durable as well. As they are all made with dermatologically tested components, they are quite safe to be used for all without any fear of allergy or irritation. The reputed house of Manforce brings to you this pack of extra dotted condoms that is easy to use and carry. You can rely on this product as it is one of the most trusted brands for condoms.

Since Banana is most sought after fruit Manforce Banana condoms are there to flicker the stimulation for you & your partner to make sex enjoyable & safe. The aroma of a fruit makes you go crazy and you can opt for Manforce Banana Condoms without being dubious of it and enjoy the sheer joy of it.

Manforce Flavoured Condoms are designed to accord pleasure and satisfaction with this banana flavour. Manforce condom is flavoured to ignite the imagination for you and your partner to make it more enjoyable and cherishable.

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