Buy Durex apple flavoured condoms online | Skore flavoured condoms online at low cost | shycart
Buy Durex apple flavoured condoms online | Skore flavoured condoms online at low cost | shycart
Flavored condoms combo of 3

Flavored condoms combo of 3

Brand: SKORE

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345 335
Enjoy three of the best flavors in three of the best Condom brands

Durex Taste me Apple condoms

Durex is designed in the matter of sexual well-being and welfare with 97 years of involvement in accomplishing the closeness of couples. Durex care to know the all the room intricacies now with only a couple of years left to a century. Durex condoms are of global norms which are dermatologically tested and sanctioned by the most elevated measures.

Disregarding the way that Feels Thin is closest to putting on nothing notwithstanding it gives the atypical condition of reassurance and preservation, they're made to be less pleasing to put on and give a better smooth fit and feeling during sex. The excellent way we make these condoms suggests they notice exceptionally well so there are no antagonizing redirections, you can essentially loosen up and appreciate.

Durex Taste Me Apple condoms let you have fun with apple flavour. Apple gives loads of fun and erotic excitement during sex. The extraordinary way we manufacture Durex Apple means they smell exceptionally good so there are no unpleasant diversions, you can just relax and enjoy your lovemaking. To keep them at their best, store these Apple flavoured condoms in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Each Box has 10 condoms

Skore Banana flavoured condom

Skore Banana Flavoured condoms are designed especially for banana flavours and added pleasure. These condoms have specially raised dots that's the secret for pleasure. These condoms are dermatologically tested by electronic measures. These condoms are being used for a method of birth control, prevention against pregnancy and HIV or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Skore Banana Flavoured condoms which will taste and smell just like bananas. Alike all flavoured condoms, this has too been designed for oral sex and if your girl's favourite is banana, then you don't wanna miss this bad boy out. Like always, skore amuses us further with additional cool features. The dotted texture on the outer layer of the skore condom and cool colours make your girl go nuts. So, don’t think about it, just buy Skore banana flavoured condom and it is gonna be your favourite one and just don't be hesitant to experience once. So gather your guts and buy skore condoms online at shycart where 100% privacy and concealed packing is guaranteed.

Moods choco condoms

Enjoy the escalating sensitivity and great quality of Moods Choco Condoms. These Chocolate flavoured condoms are fascinatingly fabricated to enrich your sense of taste buds and thrill, if you want to enjoy throughout a night of intense intimacy. This Chocolate flavoured condom is also low on price online at, which is highly convincing on quality.

The combo box contains 3 packs of Moods Choco Dotted condoms, Skore Banana flavoured condom and Durex Taste me Apple condoms. These condoms are coated with a natural, enlightened and edible chocolate flavour. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex and has Pink Coloured dots on which is lubricated as well with reservoir tip. The size of the condom is standard size: Length 180mm and Width 53 mm.

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