Buy Everteen vaginal tightening gel for Rs.1999 online in India | V tight gel | shycart
Buy Everteen vaginal tightening gel for Rs.1999 online in India | V tight gel | shycart
Everteen vagina tightening and revitalizing gel (50g)

Everteen vagina tightening and revitalizing gel (50g)

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Everteen veginal tightening gel is an unique gel extracted from pure and natural ingredients. This yoni tightening gel is produced using natural ingredients which make it completely safe. This is clinically tested and proven for its efficiency in maintaining vaginal health.

Everteen Vaginal tightening gel (V tight gel) :

Everteen vagina tightening and revitalizing gel will take you to teenage again and it gives rebirth to your vagina. Vagina is one of the most important parts of the female body. This vagina tightening gel is extracted from pure and natural ingredients. The natural ingredients in the gel tighten the vagina, increase the blood flow into your vaginal muscles. Everteen tightens the vagina and gives it the old shape.

Everteen v tight gel is natural and 100% safe. Vegina tightening creams are made of herbal ingredients like Milk peptide complex, Multi-Vitamin complex, Sesaflash, Alovera and Tea Tree Oil have power to restore vaginal suppleness.

It helps to 

  • re-shape the vaginal wall
  • tighten the pelvic muscles to right degree of elasticity,
  • remove dead cells,
  • improve blood circulation
  • replace them newer cells,
  • prevents infections and itching ,
  • promotes attractive odor,
  • encourage natural lubrication
  • delay the aging of vagina.

Vaginal laxity:

Vaginal laxity is a common problem and it impacts the quality of sexual life. All women tend to look back on their virgin hood. There are many ways to tighten your vagina. Among that, these creams are the best and it helps women to get back their youthful vagina.

Benefits of Everteen v firming gel:

• Tightens and gives rebirth to Vagina.
• Rejuvenate vaginal muscles, tone, and vigor in vagina
• Helps to boost vivacity in vagina.
• Reduce dryness by improving the lubrication.
• Restores Post Delivery vaginal elasticity.
• Helps to get back virgin hood and enhances sexual pleasure.
• Removes vaginal harmful bacteria.

Cost of v tight gel:

Cost of Everteen vagina tightening gel is Rs.1999

How to use Everteen gel

1.Wash your hands and Vagina with clean water
2.Sit in squatting posture with legs wide open and in line with hips
3.Please wear the gloves provided inside Everteen box in one hand before using.
4.Take small amount of gel (Recommended 3gm-4gm) of Everteen Gel by spatula provide in another hand
5.Put the gel on the fingertip of your hand and apply the gel inside your vagina in all directions.
6.Wash your glove and spatula with running water and place it back safely in Everteen box
7.Apply the gel twice daily.

Everteen V Tight gel - Additional Information

Apply 0.5 gm to 1 gm of cream on the vagina & massage slowly till fully absorbed. Do not wash or wipe off the cream for at least one hour. For sustained satisfaction use twice every day regularly. (Follow a minimum 45 - 60 days course). Continue for at least 90 days. 


Everteen is a fusion of natural herbal ingredients like Ficus Glomerata, Woodfordia floribunda, Aloe vera, Butea frondosa, Sphatika & Quercus Infectoria and it is highly effective without any side effects. Ficus Glomerata: It helps to upturn the vagina muscles elasticity to tighten the vagina and it is quickly absorbed by the vaginal mucosa.

Woodfordia floribunda: It has an exacting effect in the vagina which is recommended in Ayurveda strongly. It enhances the feminine vagina muscle elasticity and tightens the vagina.

Aloe Vera: It contains natural antiseptics and cooling properties. It acts as a protective layer on the skin. So, it prevents the infection and infuses life in the cells and tissues of the vagina and helps replenish its moisture.

Butea frondosa: It is recommended to increase sensitivity in the vagina. It stimulates sensation and promotes libido.

Sphatika: It helps to fresh up the vaginal area and gives a soothing effect.

Quersuc Iinfectoris: antioxidant properties in Quersuc Infectoria helps to restore health, tone, and vigor in the vagina Everteen FAQ

When can I see the results of everteen?

If you repeatedly use it twice a day, you can see good results at the end of the second month.

Can I use this cream during pregnancy?

No, it is not recommended to use the cream during your pregnancy.

Is there any age limit to use everteen gel?

Yes, there is an age limit. Girls below the age of 18 should not use the cream.

Is it helpful for treating vaginal infections?

Yes, it is helpful for curing the fungal and yeast infections in the vagina. The natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Quersuc infectoris help to treat vaginal infections. The antioxidant properties in this cream help to renew the vaginal health.

Can I use this cream along with kegel exercise?

Yes, you should use this cream along with the kegel exercise to get great results.

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