Menstrual Cup | Everteen Menstrual Cup Large at Rs.455 online in India | shycart
Menstrual Cup | Everteen Menstrual Cup Large at Rs.455 online in India | shycart
Everteen Menstrual Cup - Large Size (30ml)

Everteen Menstrual Cup - Large Size (30ml)

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Everteen® Menstrual Cup(Large, 30ml) 1pc - up to 12 hours leak-proof protection during periods. Small cup comes in card board box with one cloth pouch, Pink colour menstrual cup (os medical silicon grade) comes in individual wrapped poly self seal pack. Note: If you have light-to-normal flow, please search for everteen® Menstrual Cup (Small) which can hold up to 23ml of fluid.

Everteen Menstrual Cup - Large Size (30ml)

Everteen Menstrual Cup (Large) is a product with the highest quality standards from everteen®, which offers India’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. The Everteen Menstrual Cup is extremely comfortable to wear and gives you the complete freedom to perform all your favorite sports and outdoor activities such as yoga, dancing, swimming and much more that you choose. Made of medical-grade silicone, the Everteen Menstrual Cup (Large) is soft, easy and 100% safe to use. The large menstrual cup can hold up to 30ml of fluid and is recommended for normal-to-heavy flow to give you an assured leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours. Also always use Everteen® Natural Intimate Make sure that you wash to clean the exterior of your intimate areas before and after using the Everteen Menstrual Cup.

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Why use the Everteen Menstrual Cup?

  • Reusable for 10 years
  • Leak free assured protection for up to 12 hours
  • No menstrual odour, dryness or discomfort
  • Reduces the removing and reinserting compared to changing sanitary pads
  • Lesser or no cramps due to the suction created by the seal of the Everteen Menstrual Cup
  • Freedom to pursue sports and all other outdoor activities confidently such as swimming, dancing, gym, yoga and more

How to use the everteen menstrual cup?


Step-1: Sterilize the Unit

At the outset; wash the Cup with water and mild soap, before boiling it in a pot of water for 5-10 minutes.

Step-2: Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands well before further handling. Cleanliness is mandatory to safely using any menstruation cup.

Step-3: Menstrual Cup Folds

Select a folding method that makes you feel comfortable. Then Grip the walls of your Everteen Cup with your thumb and forefinger together, so the stem faces your palm and the opening faces you.

Step-4: Hold

Grip the walls of your Everteen Cup with your thumb and forefinger together, so the stem faces your palm and the opening faces you.

Step-5: Insert and Rotate

  • To insert the Cup, firstly relax your muscles. Either sit, squat, or stand (whatever is most comfortable for you).
  • Spread your labia with your other hand gently to help you ease your cup into your vagina. Take your time to find the best possible position for you.
  • Water or water-based lubricant also helps in inserting the Everteen Cup.
  • The cup should sit comfortably lower than a tampon and it will create a light suction that prevents leaks or anything from escaping.
  • You may gently rotate the cup to make sure that it is fully open.

Step-6: Removal

  • Before removing your cup, wash your hands well.
  • Gently pull the stem of the Everteen Cup until you can feel it’s base.
  • Break the seal (suction) by gently pinching it’s base. Please note that it's important to break the seal before removal so it would not be painful.
  • When you feel that the suction is releasing, use a slow side-to-side motion to dislodge your cup.

How to Clean and Store a Menstrual Cup

There are a few ways to cleanse your Everteen Cup:

  • Wash your everteen cup with mild unscented soap and rinse thoroughly.
  • Use a toothbrush to perfectly clean out the air holes beneath the rim of your cup. Do not use sharp objects (toothpicks, safety pins, etc.), that can hurt it.
  • Let your cup dry and store it at room temperature.
  • When not in use, keep your everteen cup in a breathable pouch (supplied with your purchase).

What is the size of the menstrual cup?

It comes in two sizes:

Small – For women of age between 18 to 30 years

   - Diameter 4.0cm

   - Height 6.5cm (Including stem

   - Stem Length :10mm;

   - Volume: 25ml

Large – For women above 30 years

  - Diameter 4.5cm

  - Height 7.0cm (Including stem)

  - Stem Length :10mm;

  - Volume: 30ml

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