Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads - 320mm online at Rs.117 in India | shycart
Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads - 320mm online at Rs.117 in India | shycart
Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads - 320mm

Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads - 320mm

Brand: Everteen

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Everteen Essentials Sanitary Napkin Pads (8 pcs) 320 mm

Everteen essentials Sanitary Pads is one of the best quality products from everteen, which offers the largest range of Pads essentials for complete feminine hygiene. so you know you are buying the best for your crucial needs. Each everteen essentials Sanitary Pads is individually wrapped so you have the comfort to carry an ideal amount of napkins that you need. Everteen essentials Sanitary Pads give you complete protection for 6-8 hours and prevent side leakages due to wings, and yet are ultra slim for added comfort. Everteen essentials Sanitary Napkins are extremely convenient, comfortable, Super-Absorbent and have odor control. Everteen essentials Sanitary Pads are available in three sizes–Small (240mm), Large (280mm)and Xtra Large (320mm). So use proper pads depends on your flow.

Features of Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads:

Large surface of 100% pure cotton for an instant dry and soft feel
Both side protection with wings to prevent leakage
Large surface for an immediate dry and soft feel
Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads are made of a thick material to absorb the heavy flow
The cotton surface of Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads keep you always dry
Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads are Comfortable and gives 6-8 hours protection

How to use:

Remove the Everteen Essentials sanitary pad from the wrapper
Remove the strips from side wings and unfold the sanitary pad
Stand in a comfortable position and pull your panties down to above your knees
Place the adhesive part to your panties
Finally, Wear the panties as always.

Don’t worry about summer, sweat, and moisture:

The cotton surface of everteen sanitary napkin pad immediately absorbs the flow and moisture, so that you feel clean, fresh, and dry with no irritation or shagginess. Everteen cotton sanitary pads allow ventilation around your vaginal area as the layer is highly permeable to air. Even in the scorching and sweating summer, you feel fresh with no skin irritation, rashes, itches. When you are ready to go swimming at the pool, take off your Everteen Essentials sanitary pad that you are wearing. Wear a new sanitary pad into your bathing suit bottom. wearing a tighter and comfortable bathing suit can help keep the pad in place. This method of wearing will help disguise any bulge from your moisture pad, and if the material is murk, it will help hide any leakage as well. Enjoy your day at the swimming pool or lake.

Feel fresh, clean, dry and comfortable entire day with 100% cotton top premium sanitary pads by everteen. The anion strip in everteen cotton sanitary pad resist the bacterial growth and remove vaginal odor. It prevents the multiplication of harmful bacteria which can cause vaginal infection or health infection. Feel comfortable and dry with the everteen essentials Sanitary Pads for better menstruation day without any leakage and smell. The wings at the sides give better leakage protection in the menstruation days with superabsorbent to absorb and prevent the backflow which makes you very much clean and dry. Enjoy your menstruation with Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads.


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