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Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads online in India | Natural Sanitary Pads | shycart
Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads - 240mm

Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads - 240mm

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Everteen Essentials Sanitary Napkin Pads (8 pcs) 240 mm

When you are very busy at work at that time to protect you from the heavy flow menstruation days, use Everteen essential sanitary pads and feel the comfort, fresh, clean and dry .The comfort sanitary pads are designed to provide the long protection with its firm wing design which prevents leakage during your movement or sleeping. Don’t stop your usual work activity because of menstruation fluid and continue all the activities as always with the Everteen essential sanitary pads. Everteen essentials Sanitary Pads are available in three sizes–Small (240mm), Large (280mm)and Xtra Large (320mm). So use the appropriate pad depending on your flow.

Direction to use Everteen Essentials Sanitary Pads:

Peel of release wrapper from the back of the Sanitary Pad.
Stick the Everteen essential sanitary pad on panty and press firmly.
Peel off release wrapper from the wings.
Fold the wings around underwear and press firmly.
Everteen essential sanitary pad makes you dry, cool and comfortable.

Not safe to burn Sanitary pads:

It is not safe to burn used sanitary pads until they are no longer being worn. It is not at all safe to burn disposable sanitary waste. Burning them releases toxic dioxins which could lead to ill health. Sanitary pads and other medical wastes are usually burned under a certain high temperature. Wrap a few layers of paper around the disposable sanitary pad, which keeps the pad folded closed. Discard the wrapped sanitary pad in a garbage. Discard used disposable sanitary napkins in a garbage that is out of reach of pets. Never try to flush used disposable sanitary pads in the toilet. Sanitary pads can interrupt plumbing when you flush used pads. Wash your hands with soap and warm water after the disposal of the used napkin.

Pads Vs Tampons:

Unlike tampons, pads aren't associated with toxic shock syndrome. Tampons still put you at risk for other infections if not changed at a reasonable rate. You should change tampons every four to eight hours, and pads (unless they're overnight pads) should be changed every four to six hours as well. Everteen essential comfort sanitary Pads are usually placed inside the underwear but Tampons are placed inside the female vagina to collect menstrual fluid. Sanitary pad is simple to use in terms of placing your pad on the underwear and dispose it when finished. Tampons should not be used for more than 8 hours, which obviously causes infections. Sanitary pads should also be changed every 4-6 hours, instead of using a whole day like Menstrual cups and tampons. Some people feel uncomfortable to wash and reuse, on the other hand the sanitary pad is simple and convenient. Finally, use Everteen feminine organic products from your store for leading a healthy life.

Everteen essential comfort sanitary pads are designed to fit your shape and give you the feeling of security. Everteen essential pad is Waterproof pad has a leak-proof lining that helps absorb menstrual fluid. You can wear a sanitary pad before and after swimming, dancing.The comfortable sanitary pads prevent irritation, itches, skin rashes when you walk, run, dance on your menstruation and helps your leg muscles work better even with reduced blood flow to your legs.

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