Check out Carex Powershot Condoms Online | Carex Condoms Online in India | shycart
Check out Carex Powershot Condoms Online | Carex Condoms Online in India | shycart
Carex Powershot Condoms

Carex Powershot Condoms

Brand: Carex

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Now with Carex Powershot Condoms you can delay your climax for an uncommon period of time and last as long as you want. The Extra Time Dotted condom feels like second skin and ensures not to interfere in lovemaking or in the stimulation to your sensations. Get these condoms at at the best price.

Carex PowerShot Condoms

If you are the man who has the ability to defer your climax, then you'll be the Superhero in your partner's eyes. And nothing matters more for her than you. When you master the manoeuvre how to treat her passionately in bed, then you'll be the king in your own world of lovemaking. She will completely be immersed in your art of lovemaking. She'll dance according to your wish and she will do all that she can to please you. And it is not some kind of a technique that needs to be acquired. With Carex Power Shot condoms you can effortlessly get to the stimulation summit and allow her to enjoy a passionate and intimate adventure with you in bed.

Power shot condoms are designed in a delicate way that it is smeared with a specially concocted lubricant containing 'benzocaine', an active ingredient that delays your orgasm and allows you to last longer. The condom is specifically created for the women who crave for a prolonged and highly titillating intimacy every time. Try Carex power shot Condoms and enjoy an unprecedented prolonged eroticism.

Make her fly high in a euphoric zone for a longer time!

Carex Power Shot – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Transparent and Benzocaine Lubricated

Texture: Dotted

Shape: Anatomically Shaped & Teat ended

Condom Size: Length 160 mm (min) | Width: 53 ±2 mm

About Carex

Carex has a diverse range of condoms which is manufactured by Karex Berhad or usually known as Karex. At the starting stages of their career, it was only a family business with a manufacturing capability of producing 60 million condom pieces annually. Karex is mainly Malaysia based company. Today, they are one of the biggest condom manufacturers in the world, manufacturing up to 4 billion condom pieces annually. Carex condoms are now available in several varieties, namely assorted, collection, super thin, PowerShot, rough and tough super 3 in 1 and gold condoms.

Carex super thin sizes

Carex super thin condoms are manufactured in standard sizes, which is suitable for all men.

What is the cost of Carex Power shot condoms in India?

Carex super thin condoms can be purchased in India at Rs. 120 for a pack of 10 condoms. This means that the price of a single condom Rs. 12. You can buy these super thin condoms from

Where to purchase Carex super thin condoms?

One can easily purchase these condoms from any nearby medical store or pharmacies. But everybody can't get these commodities in an outlet store without any hesitation or embarrassment. What if some people/children are at the store, one who tries to buy these products get judged in a fraction of seconds. To avoid all these struggles, log in yourselves to shycart’s website and order with 100% privacy. Or you can drop by shycart’s physical medical store located in Adyar, Chennai and purchase these products. Don’t worry! we will not judge you.

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