Enamor bra-types and varieties

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Enamor bra-types and varieties

Enamor Classique Fit T-Shirt Bra

  1. Ideal for T-shirts since the two layered cups conceals well and prevents bouncing.
  2. The lower band's elasticity helps to stay firm
  3. Non wired and non padded cups facilitates the ease of use
  4. This product can be used day by day since it is made of 85% cotton.
  5. Removable belt  with metal sliders 
  6. Back hooking with 3 columns and 2 rows

Enamor Smooth Back Front Open Bra 

  1. This front opening style is ingenious and greatly covers the back.
  2. Thin wired cups with padding boosts the shape.
  3. Adjustable elastic straps with sliders for convenient use.
  4. The back surface is soft and even.       
  5. The fabric is composed of Nylon and Spandex  

Enamor Non Wire Full Figure Bra

  1. Covers highly and Suitable for women with full figure  
  2. Non wired , solid back with side support gives the best fit.
  3. All-embracing base and straps with elasticity assures a safe feeling.
  4. Back opening,non padded with two part cup.      
  5. Made of nylon and spandex.
Enamor Multi Printed Bra
  1. Eye catching and elegant prints boosts the beauty of the product.
  2. Not only attractive but best to use as well
  3. Available in various colors and designs.
  4. Basic bra type with regular fit and stretchable too.
  5. Made of Polyester and  Spandex. 

Enamor Nonwired All Day Support Bra

  1. The front cut  design highly covers and suitable for day to day usage.
  2. The additional support at the bottom of the panel gives an attractive look to the cups.
  3. Makes your shape of your upper body look better
  4. Splendid lace and trims makes the product loveable .
  5. Very comfortable to use all day long.  

Enamor Lightly Padded Moulded Non wired Bra

  1. Made of cotton hence smooth and comfortable.  
  2. Best fitted  with moulded , non wired and lighty padded cups.
  3. Lower band with wings settles well in the body.
  4. Large elastic straps with sliders for adjustment.
  5. Back opening with column and row hooking. 

Enamor Non Padded Full Cover Super Support Bra

  1. Ensures perfect fit with super soft cups and covers highly. 
  2. Dual lined with cotton fabric suits 
  3. For a better look the top portion of the bust is made of shiny polyamide fabric.
  4. Large cushion straps at the shoulder.
  5. Complete wide wings with side bones gives extra lift to the product.
  6. An elegant U design neck pattern. 

Enamor 3 Layered High Impact Sports Bra

  1. Non wired, non padded and triple layered bra for high energy activities.
  2. Triple layered for better support and positioning.
  3. Lower band is broader and  has elastics with a hook for ease of use.
  4. Removable straps and the  large center part for convenience.
  5. The backside has a key hole racer that makes the moving of the upper body easier.
  6. Made of Meryl.Nylon and Spandex.  
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