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Thanks to advances in technology, self-test kits are now available for a range of different health concerns, from pregnancy testing to ovulation testing. They are very easy and simple to use which gives immediate results. These kits save a lot of your time, money and from embarrassment. The kits available on our page are Pregnancy, Ovulation, Menopause and Sperm Test Kit.

Pregnancy, Ovulation and Sperm Test Kits- Reviews

4.9 / 5





Great -
Read instruction manual before using. That helps.
Good buy -
everyone planning baby can buy. good
Happy -
4 more months to become a father. Superb product.
Predict dates -
Use this kit by knowing your dates, at least approximately. That will help to save a few bucks.
My wife is now pregnant -
Thanks shycart. This is real good product. Thanks for the good service.
Average -
1 strip was defective. Rest, all worked. Not sure, if i tested wrong.
Suggestion -
Consider selling 1 strip separete. Otherwise, correct result
Good, but slightly costly -
Good product. But, I feel it is slightly costly though.
Helps in planning pregnancy -
Very good product. Didn't knew such product existed.
Perfect -
Good product. Great packing & delivery

Pregnancy, Ovulation and Sperm Test Kits - Useful information

Diet to be followed during pregnancy

A properly designed diet that is to be followed during pregnancy packs goodness both for the mother and the unborn. It includes all essential food and nutrition that will help the fetus grow and help the mother support this growth.

Pregnancy related diabetes

Pregnancy related diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. Gestational Diabetes is the condition in which a woman who is already diabetic exhibits high levels of blood glucose during pregnancy. Since it has very few symptoms, this diabetes which is associated with pregnancy, is usually found only at the time of Screening.

High effective contraception

Contraception includes all kinds of birth control devices and measures. Highly effective contraception is hugely in demand. Because these help couples wade off tensions of unwanted pregnancy.

Menstruation in kids

A signal of developing fertility and a major event in the puberty cycle, every woman undergoes this. Each one feels a different way when this first happens. It is the first menstruation, also known as Menarche.