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She Cup - Menstural Cup -
This is a very good and easy to use, one size fits all cup. Very comfortable.
Amazing product -
Love the quality and packaging! Exceptional service and response from you guys !
Amazing product -
Love the quality and packaging! Exceptional service and response from you guys !
Satisfied -
I tried the boondh cup for the first time and writing this review after using it. Everything is just perfect. Starting from placing the order until the delivery. The packaging is awesome and privacy is well maintained. Would certainly suggest Boondh cup to all my friends and families.
Very kind -
This site is really informative. Had lot of questions. Thumbs up I say
Amazing product -
Doesn't feel like wearing it at all
Have faith and take a leap. -
I was really very confused about using the cups but after one year of contemplating , finally made the switch and used the boondh cup. And man o man, it was the best period i had till now. I was super happy and hence this is my second cup i purchased, so that if something happens to my first cup..i would have a back up. Shycart was offering the best rates out of all the websites selling this boondh cup and hence i went with them. And they did a great job.
Excellent except leaks expected -
using for 3.5 years, Very satisfied as it is best for environment. But leaks to be expected..
Excellent quality -
The product is too good...I feel very comfortable with shecup...
She-cup is a very comfortable eco friendly product -
Very comfortable and no discomfort like in sanitary napkin usage

Period days Care - Useful information

How can you safely carry your sanitary napkin to work place or while traveling?

Carrying a sanitary napkin in public is an embarrassing affair- sometimes an ordeal. Common ways of carrying it are to stuff it inside pockets of pants and jackets,crushing it inside our fists and/or wrapping it in newspapers.

Do men undergo periods as well?

Grumpy, increasingly frustrated, having insane mood swings, grasped by bouts of baseless anxiety - no, not the description of a woman in PMS.. but of a MAN !

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