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Quick delivery and easy shopping -
Shycart has been absolutely great with the process. The product is an absolute blessing. The website's detailed page about the cup is very helpful.
Good -
it was very good to use and helps people having moderate flow. I am giving 4 stars because the pad because the pad is not broad to cover the panty line
I'm very glad that I find this site to purchase the product that I'm searching for long time and I'm really very happy about all the aspects from purchase to delivery.
Reliable and better alternative to sanitary pads -
This product is really nice and the packing was also done discreetly. Thank you for your good service!
Better than sanitary pads! -
Would highly recommend others to use it as well.....
This products works really well! -
I had no issues with the product and also privacy was maintained in the delivery. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience!
It's a really good product! -
Had a really good shopping experience with Shycart and I'm looking forward to make more purchases in future.
It was a good experience
Shycart is amazing. I specially like how they ship so quickly. :) I received my product in 4 days :)

Period days Care - Useful information

How can you safely carry your sanitary napkin to work place or while traveling?

Carrying a sanitary napkin in public is an embarrassing affair- sometimes an ordeal. Common ways of carrying it are to stuff it inside pockets of pants and jackets,crushing it inside our fists and/or wrapping it in newspapers.

Do men undergo periods as well?

Grumpy, increasingly frustrated, having insane mood swings, grasped by bouts of baseless anxiety - no, not the description of a woman in PMS.. but of a MAN !

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