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Diva cup - Menstrual cup - 2 sizes - Nude colour - Hollow stem

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Periods can suck it! One of the best menstrual cups for beginners, The diva cup. Provides 12-hour leak-free protection and no odours. Easy to use for all women.The DivaCup, launched worldwide in 2003, is a revolutionary alternative to tampons and pads. The Diva Cup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup, it is collecting rather than absorbing your menstrual flow. The DivaCup eliminates the inconvenience and expense of purchasing disposable products in endless absorbencies, shapes and sizes. The DivaCup conveniently accommodates your changing flow, simply empty 2-3 times per 24 hours, wash and reinsert. Can be worn confidently overnight and is perfect for travelling.Buy menstrual cup online in India, The DivaCup is made from the highest quality healthcare grade silicone to assure comfort and durability, it's easy to care and use makes for a better period experience and can safely be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. The worldwide famous reusable menstrual cup with comfort and convenience. The DivaCup empowers women to connect with their bodies and menstrual cycles like never before. Perfect for all activities (air, land or sea), its easy care and use makes it a boon for a better period experience. Available in two models - Pre-birth menstrual cup and post-birth menstrual cup. Purchase Diva menstrual cup low cost in online India only

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I love Diva Cup. I bought a Diva Cup one year ago from shycart but never I posted a review. Well, 12 months later I can say I still love the 10 hours of worry-free protection. This cup gives and feel like my life goes on as normal all day long. I am very happy...Amazing do recommend for all.
On  09-May-2018
Amazing product ! -
Very good product! I'm very happy with it.
On  04-Apr-2018
Environment friendly..... -
I gifted DivaCup to My Wife a few months ago. She really loved it. She said, "best thing ever happened to me and It has made everything so easy". She is very happy with it. I think every woman in the world should try it as this could be a big contribution towards the environment by not using sanitary napkins which are not bio-degradable. Big thanks to the thought which went into inventing this.
On  06-Oct-2017
Very satisfactory service. -
The menstrual cup was not available in my city so it was really nice to find it available here and the best part was that nobody could guess what I ordered. Thanks a lot.
On  17-Sep-2017
Double like -
The menstrual cup was not available in my city so it was really nice to find it available here and the best part was that nobody could guess what I ordered. Thanks a lot.
On  22-Aug-2017
Good job Shykart -
The menstrual cup was not available in my city so it was really nice to find it available here and the best part was that nobody could guess what I ordered. Thanks a lot.
On  22-Aug-2017
Excellent -
On  28-Jun-2017
Nice one..! -
I am using DivaCup from last two days seriously I love it. Very good product..., Zero leakage at all and not feel it is there. As anytime cup claiming it holds for 10 hours. The first day was learning day but I easily comfortable on the first day itself as I follow usage guide properly. Nice packaging. Overall product is nice, I satisfied with anytime cup recommend other to buy thank you.
On  21-Mar-2017
Totally Awesome!!!!.... -
I purchased my Diva Cup a little over a year ago from Shycart. I am writing this review now as I wanted to really give the cup a try prior to posting.Let me start by saying that I love my Diva Cup. I had some trouble initially with getting it to seal properly. They have videos on the Diva Cup website that explains different application techniques and is very helpful. After using it for over a year I can happily say that I don't have to wear pads or tampons anymore! My Diva Cup is awesome, no more bloating from using tampons or bloody messes from using pads. Give the Diva Cup a try for a few months before you decide if it works for you or not. I was about to give up and decided to read more about it and that's when I learned how to properly insert it to prevent leakage. The Diva Cup makes me feel better during my periods, is very comfortable and convenient and saves me a lot of money!One of the best purchases I have ever made. The Diva Cup finally gives a woman freedom from her period, eliminating the need to purchase and non-environmental-friendly tampons and pads, as well as reducing the risk of TSS to practically zero. Although it is used to easy the process of insertion and removal, as well as figuring out the heaviness of your flow and how often to change the cup, I don't have to worry about leaks. This cup has kept me unaware of my period even when performing strenuous physical activity and is wonderful for swimming. It can also be worn overnight with no worries.
On  09-Mar-2017
My favourite cup -
I have always wondered about menstrual cups but I have never tried one. I don’t even know where to get one here, actually… I am an intrigued, though, especially since you can leave it in for 12 hours! It’s honestly my favourite cup. I never have any leaking issues. That’s so much more effective than tampons. Very Interesting. I highly recommend it!!
On  07-Mar-2017