Air bra - a boon to teenagers

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Air bra - a boon to teenagers

Air Bra

Air Bra is an upheaval in the realm of underpants and has been demonstrated the best thinning and lifting bra till date. The principle mystery of this bra lies in the Forever Fit innovation that has been woven directly into this. This Seamless Air Bra has particularly been intended to give you the obliged bolster and solace, liberating you from the unending agony of slipping straps, agonizing snares and swelling edges. This item is essentially a non-wired air bra made of stretchable Nylon and spandex material with wide versatile band that gives incredible backing for your dynamic way of life, giving more prominent simplicity & flexibility of development. This bra is given a fine work at the inward bust edge, and this enhances wind current in this manner giving you a great deal of solace. This Air bra is as light as air and it focuses on all the inconvenience territories ladies need to alter particularly humiliating back fat and vague containers. Air bra conceals lumps, knocks and moves in this manner making you look tight and trim. It is an incredible games bra which empowers you to lead a dynamic way of life in solace and without damage. Whatever your container size, you require great bolster so you can concentrate on your game. It's consistent and, in this manner, there's no scraping. It's delicate, comfortable and lightweight.      



  1. Air bra is the most preferred Bra by women worldwide.
  2. Air bra provides you full coverage of cleavage.
  3. Air bra gives proper shape , postures and comfort.
  4. It Can be used as sports bra as it can stretch at comfort
  5. Prefect fitting to all shapes and sizes
  6. Best quality fiber, contains 92% Nylon and 8 % spandex
  7. Machine washable and safe for machine drying
  8. Highly durable in terms of material and color
  9. Seamless and smooth finish.



It is an excellent sports bra which enables you to lead an active lifestyle in comfort and without injury. Whatever your cup size, you need good support so you can focus on your sport. It's seamless and, therefore, there's no chafing. It's soft, comfy and lightweight.


Additional Feature


Stressed that your cleavage gets uncovered when you incline? Utilization air bra - A high solace bra that is anything but difficult to utilize and keeps you UNEXPOSED.


Key Features

- Tagfree & Seamfree

- No Elastic Tape

- Water Absorbing

- Skin Friendly

- Eco-Friendly

- Feather Lightwear

Material & Care

- 92% Microfibre

- 8% Elasthane


Going through the features of Air Bra it is beyond any doubt that Air Bra is a boon to the teenagers.


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Modified on 07 Jul, 2019

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