Nurture Sanitary Pads - Why shycart sells that sanitary pad alone?

Why do we sell only nurture organic sanitary pads ?

Heavy usage of chlorine in normal sanitary pads

Conventional sanitary pads contain a blend of chlorine-bleached pulp, polypropylene, polyacrylates and plastic. Many gynaecologists advise women to use Nurture organic pads to avoid chlorine bleached materials, synthetics, latex and super absorbents made from petrochemicals.

Dent in Decomposition 

Every year, in Britain alone, we would have to dig a hole three hundred feet deep and three hundred feet wide to bury the sanitary pads that are thrown away.Nurture organic chemical free pads made from natural plant cellulose. They are not chlorine bleached and free from rayon, plastics and other synthetics. They are comfortable and reliable and available in different absorbencies and styles. The Curved Regular pad fits the contours of the body, whilst the Slender and Super pads are the same width all along for a more traditional fit. The Ultra with wings is a Slim pad with the added protection of wings. They are individually wrapped so that they can be kept discretely in your bag.

Intro about Nurture organic pads

Nurture organic  natural sanitary pads are chlorine free, free from synthetic ingredients which irritate, and are biodegradable. Many gynaecologists advise women suffering skin allergies, irritation, soreness and itching to switch to Nurture organic products. Nurture organic products offers you sanitary pads and pantyliners as well.

Advantages of Nurture Sanitary pads

 10 Ultra long Sanitary pads

 100% Natural Cotton cover to keep you Comfortable, dry and rash free

 It's Chemical free and Hypo allergenic.

10 Ultra long Sanitary pads

100% Natural Cotton cover to keep you Comfortable, dry and rash free.

Silver ion chip provides Anti - fungal and Anti - bacterial action.

Non chlorine bleached

Perfume Free

Adhesive layer for secure hold

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