condom broke what to do now?

What you should when condom breaks?

Condoms and anxiety

Most of the times, when you are having intercouse while trying to avoid pregnancy at the same time, you’d feel very anxious and nervous even when you are using the most successful contraceptive known to mankind against pregnancy and STDs/STIs.

 Just when you were sure about protection and went on to a some session of lovemaking with your partner... POP! Goes the condom; you meet with a condom burst or a condom leak - a mild burst, causing you a mini heart attack.

 When a condom breaks, it just stirs up your emotions, creating fears of unwanted pregnancy. Also, it could be rare case, the thought of getting affected with STDs /STIs such as AIDS isn’t a digestible fact either.

 Condom Accidents

 Condom breaks and accidents are actually very common. Although the correct usage of a perfect condom has a success rate of 98%, it only has a 88% success rate when it is not used right or if it not perfect condom. So, what is a perfect condom?

1. Ensure that the condom you have bought is from a well known top condom brands of india.

2. Ensure the expiry isn’t crossed yet. Condoms that are past their date of expiry break easily. While buying them, checking for the date of manufacturing and date of expiry is a wise step.

3. Check for any damages on the box. It the box is broken or the seal appear to be tampered, it is not advisable to use it.

4. The size of the condom is also important. Wear a condom that actually fits you. Men need to know some sizes well or, let’s say- their sizes well! A bad fit either makes a condom to slip or break. A man needs to study his man parts both when aroused and not, to have an idea of his sizes. This will help in choosing a condom of right fit. Condom size charts are very helpful for this.

5. Storing. How a condom is stored is also a very important thing to be noted when it comes to the safety of a condom. It should be stored in a dry and a cool place, away from sunlight.

 You may be worried where you can find all the above in a condom. You certainly cant expect from a local pharmaceutical stores. That’s why you should buy condoms online from shycart in India. Shycart is where you can get all the top brands of condoms, stored in perfect condition, delivered to your doorstep in a safe and discreet packing.

 So, despite the succress rate, the broken condom issue can happen to anyone and at any point of time. A condom that is worn incorrectly slips off during intercourse.  Passion only comes second to safety. So, programming the mind to be extra careful even when offered the most tantalizing moment would be useful.

 Dont React. Respond.

 When a condom breaks, dont go into panic mode and start reacting. Keep your calm mind intact and start thinking about what to do next. Respond.

 What you should do when a condom breaks is,

1. Break off. Stop having intercourse and slowly separate your genetalia from one another.

2. Dude – you should carefully remove the condom and look for the broken piece, if there is any.

3. Girl – go to the toilet and start pushing all the semen from your genatia, without touching/washing. The best way to do is, squatting down and squeezing with your vaginal muscles. When you use your hands and wash, it is possible that you migth push any of the semen inside yourself.

4. Once you are sure that you have pushed all the semen out of your body, gently cleanse your genetalia by mildly splashing them with water, without any force.

 Then, it is advisable to check for any STDs/STIs including HIV, immediately. In the unlikely case you have caught any, the treatments turn out most effective when you start early. Apart from this, the woman can take a high dose birth control pill, after checking with your doctor, to wave off fears of a pregnancy. This has to be done within 72 hours from the condom accident.

So, Condom- Savior or Traitor?

Well, sometime this and sometimes that. Watch out & Be safe! But ensure that your always use a perfect condom and use it right. Now, where do you get the perfect condom? Of course, you can always buy condoms online from shycart, where not just perfect top quality condoms are promised, but 100% privacy as well!

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