Top lubricant brands sold in shycart

Top lubricant brands sold in shycart

Lubricants or lubes has a vast range of brands. Lubes also come in quite a few varieties like waterbased, oil based etc. So customers have a vast choice and range to select from. We will have a look at the top six lubes sold in Shycart.


The top-selling lubes on Shycart are

The number one selling lube is


It is no surprise that Pre seed lubricant is the top-selling lubricant as it is the favourite among TTC couples i.e. couples who are trying to conceive. Pre-seed is a fertility friendly lubricant, it helps the sperm move easily and increases the chance of getting pregnant. Before using, one can always check his sperm health and count with test kit available online in India. This makes it the top selling lubricant on our website.


The second most selling lube is


Close to Pre seed lubricant in popularity and performance is Sasmar conceive plus lubricant. This is also one of the most preferred lube among TTC couples. Sasmar conceive plus comes in various ranges like 8x Pre filled applicator, 3x Pre filled applicator, 75ml muti-purpose tube, 30ml multi-purpose tube. Customers can select from this range depending on their comfort and requirement.


Next top selling lube is


Pjur is one of the most popular and loved the international brand for lubricants. Pjur lubricants are world famous and they have a vast range of lubricants which are waterbased, oil based, silicone based. They also have special lubes for women as well. Some of their popular and hot selling lubes are Pjur:Man Basic water glide, Pjur Aqua 30ml, Pjur Basic water based. Some of the popular women lubes are Pjur: Woman 30ml Super concentrated body glide, Pjur: My Glide 30ml.


Fourth on our list is


Moods lubes sell like hot cakes because of two reasons one is the pricing factor and two these are very easy available Indian product. The Moods lubes are water based so the customers prefer water based lubes the most. The Moods lubes come in 3 varieties for the various seasons of our country Moods Natural Lubes, Moods Cool Lubes and Moods Warm Lubes.


Fifth on our list is


Durex Play flavored lubricants also sell like hot cakes as they are priced decently though a little higher than Moods, they are flavored and edible which makes them a super hot favorites among our customers. The various flavors available are Durex Play Sweet Strawberry, Durex Play Very CherryDurex Play Tingle. They go well for the oral play.

Sixth but not least


Lubrigel is one of the hugely popular American lubricants, infact it was made as an alternative to KY Jelly Lubricant which was like a household popular lube Lubrigel is water based lube. Lubrigel has it’s own fan following which makes it feature on our top 6 selling lubes.


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