Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - 7

Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - 7

Identifying an embryo male or a female:

The real fact is neither the couple nor the doctor knows whether the embryo is a male or a female. The gender depends only based on which kind of chromosome cell gets fused with the ovum. Therefore, we must avoid or better we don’t believe any scams of any medical advertisements or humbug stories on this issue.

Planning is very important for a successful life else, it would cost a lot. There is a say “Eating for two”. Therefore, when eating for two needs more care and planning. For ages, without any awareness the world has seen lot of pregnancies. However, it makes difference for an ordinary child from that of a healthy child is the core concept of this series blog.

On knowing and getting pregnant out of the facts that we have seen in these seven parts a woman can avoid medical issues or diseases for her and her future generation. Therefore, the seven parts dealt with the pregnancy planning so far are the basic for a woman to be aware of having a successful pregnancy.

The base for having a successful pregnancy is the successful intercourse. By knowing on how to have a tantric sex will help you to have a successful intercourse out of which the door towards the successful pregnancy will be opened. The upcoming blog will provide a deep knowledge on the tantric sex and how can it help to satiate the bodily pleasures.

Have a happy pregnancy!!!

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