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Inwi intimate wipes

INWI intimate wipes would hypoallergenic Further more holds apples and oranges extracts to clear out you revived Also moisturized.


- PH adjusted Also non liquor.
- impeccable to personal spaces incl.
- Underneath Fingers, breast & swimming outfit house.
- abandons you revived. - serves prevent upsetting odors.
- not difficult will carry, use on the go”.
- for Every day utilization including Throughout monthly cycle.
- utilization every wipe main When for a front on once more stroke.

Why we use Intimate Wash?

A large number ladies middle of the road from vaginal release frequently connected for An Unsettling influence of the ordinary vaginal environment, including An progress in the vagina's ordinary level about acridity. Under ordinary states the vagina need An ph about 3. 8-4. 4 Also will be colonized by microscopic organisms (Lactobacilli) which might bring An part to protection against contamination. Those Lactobacilli assistance administer vaginal acridity Toward generating lactic acid, thereby making the vagina aloof should a lot of people different microorganisms. When those regular Ecological equalization will be exasperates Furthermore vaginal affectability increases, those vaginal ph has a tendency should turned into lesquerella acidic Also All the more inclined with excess by different creatures.

Why Inwi?

The inwi is a line of intimate hygienic products,
-Help support acidic pH; holds lactic corrosive with urge the characteristic vaginal acridity.
-Calm the vaginal release side effect.
-Gently uproot smell bringing on microscopic organisms.
-Tailor those correct preparation of the ladies' needs.


To outer utilize just. Abstain from contact with eyes. Keep away from Youngsters. Best to expected motivation.This item will be not An substance with therapeutic ad.


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