Water works vaginal douche kit
Water works vaginal douche kit
Water works vaginal douche kit

Water works vaginal douche kit

Brand: Water works

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Waterworks is the new European-inspired, all-natural, therapeutic vaginal cleaning system, designed by a woman for women. Proven to reduce or eliminate vaginal odor without harsh chemicals or perfume cover-up, WaterWorks is FDA cleared and requires no prescription. WaterWorks is not just a douche. It's a brilliantly simple feminine device that uses the unique properties of stainless steel and tap water to reduce or eliminate vaginal odor. WaterWorks has four (4) U.S. patents, foreign patents and has been clinically proven safe and effective. Vaginal odor doesn't have to control your love life, your social life or your professional life. Reduce or eliminate vaginal odor safely and effectively with the breakthrough patented science and technology of WaterWorks. Feel fresher, cleaner and more confident. Order WaterWorks now. If you've tried everything on drug store shelves to solve your vaginal odor problem without success, now is the time to succeed with WaterWorks.

What is douching?

Douching is a method for washing the vagina by forcing water or another fluid mixture up into it. It is a practice largely restricted to American women. A survey by University of Rochester Medical Center in New York in 1995 found that 27 percent of American women aged 15 to 44 douched on a regular basis, and that it was more common among African-American women (over 50 percent) than white women (21 percent). Douching equipment is widely available in pharmacies or online in America (click on the view pictures icon above to see examples). Women have practiced douching for hundreds of years, traditionally as a method of birth control and as a way to keep the vagina clean and infection free.

However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest women avoid douching completely unless prescribed to do so by a doctor. The vagina is a self-cleaning environment. If there is a strong odor or irritation it normally means something is wrong and douching may increase the risks of infection. Some naturopaths however maintain that as long as a woman does not douche every day to feel 'fresh', douching can be effective in dealing with occasional infections. Simply put there are pros and cons to douching. Evidence of it's effectiveness is largely antidotal, but on the other hand there is no firm evidence to prove that it causes medical problems.


Why Do Women Douche?


Many women douche at the end of a menstruation cycle or intercourse to feel 'cleaner' and wash away any odors. If you feel uncomfortable not douching in this instance, you should use plain water or a very diluted mixture of water and white vinegar: 1 tablespoon white vinegar to one quart of water (one commercially sold mixture is Summers Eve Douche). You should douche no more than once a week. When you douche, apply low pressure. It you are using a drainage/douche bag hold it no more than shoulder height or lower.


Some women douche to counteract a vaginal odor, discharge, pain, burning or itching. These are common symptoms of vaginitis or a yeast infection and may require specific treatment. You should try to avoid douching before seeing a doctor as this can interfere with diagnostic tests he may carry out. It may also have the effect of forcing bacterial microorganisms further into the reproductive system and upsetting the vaginal acidity levels. Most clinicians advise women only to douche is if a doctor prescribes it. In the case of a yeast infection, he may recommend a douche to lower the pH of the vagina. See alsovaginitis diagnosis for diagnostic information.

How to use?

WaterWorks is safe, effective, FDA cleared, comfortable and easy to use. And it is re-useable. 

WaterWorks has been designed for easy use in the shower so it can be part of your regular hygiene routine. A custom designed water container is attached to the device via a latex-free hose. The water container is filled with body temperature tap water and placed at eye level so the natural gravity flow of water gently washes the vagina.


How WaterWorks is different than other traditional douches? 

a.       Designed to create a gentle downward-flow of water within the vagina, unlike plastic douches which force their contents upward toward the cervix
b.      Uses no harsh chemicals or perfumes; just medical grade stainless steel and tap water
c.       Does not alter the normal healthy pH of the vaginal ecosystem
d.      Not associated with infection, disease, rash or discomfort
e.      Doctor recommended

Preventive Care

Regular use of WaterWorks will safely and effectively reduce or eliminate vaginal odor using only tap water. 

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