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Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set
Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set
Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set

Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set

Brand: Vaginismus


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What is Dilators Set?

Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped devices used to prevent and treat vaginal associated with vaginal penetration. This vaginal dilator is an instrument of a medical term. This is designed to stretch the vagina when it has become narrowed. Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles of the vagina spasm at the start of penetration, making penetration difficult or impossible. This type of dilators is easy to control, comfortable and smooth, washable, latex-free, light-weight and safe. Often made of plastic and this dilator comes with Six different sizes of small, medium and large. A small dilator set might be the size of a tampon and a large dilator set might be the size of an average penis. These vaginal dilators set are instruments which are used to widen an existing opening in any part of the body. A urethral dilator is an instrument which is used to stretch or dilate the urethra which is a tube coming out of the bladder which makes it possible to pass urine.

Women with vaginismus might also use dilators. Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles of the vagina spasm at the start of penetration, making penetration difficult or impossible. A woman with vaginismus cannot control these spasms. Dilation therapy can help women relax the vagina and grow accustomed to the feeling of penetration.

Who was suffering from vaginal dryness & painful intercourse, don't worry about it? Try to buy vaginal dilator online and starts to treat your vagina. These vaginal dilators are the result of an involuntary vaginal muscle spasm, it makes different kind of vaginal penetration impossible or painful. while there is a lack of evidence to surely identify which muscle is responsible for the spasm, the pubococcygeus muscle, Sometimes referred to as the "PC muscle". It is most often suggested. Other muscles such as the bulbocavernosus, circumvaginal, levator ani and per vaginal muscles have also been suggested.

A female with vaginismus cannot control consciously these spasms. A lot of women have vaginal problems. Who have vaginal problems immediately buy vaginal dilators set online in India, Dilation therapy can help women relax the vagina and grow accustomed to the feeling of penetration? The severity of vaginismus, as well as the pain during penetration (including sexual penetration), different from woman to woman. Women with vaginismus might also use dilators kits. Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles of the vagina spasm at the start of penetration, making penetration impossible or difficult.

Young women with vaginal agenesis, who have been born without a fully-developed vagina, may use dilators to create a “neovagina.” In other words, dilation therapy can help them create a vagina on their own. Dilators may be obtained by prescription or purchased over-the-counter. A medical professional can teach women how to use them and tailor therapy to their personal situation.

Made in the USA:-

The Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set has six gradual sized dilators which come with a universal handle with a solid grip that fits in all dilators, 2 lubricant packs and a soft cotton pouch which can be carried to any places. The Smooth finished dilators gives the maximum comfort while the gently designed curved shape eases the entry and transition up to six different sizes. The universal handle which is designed to improve insertion control while keeping lubricant off one’s hands. It is medically safe for individual use and easy to clean with soapy water.

For easy storage and privacy in taking it to any place, it has been designed that every other size of dilators fits into another size which results in two stacks formation in a small bag.

The new smallest dilator size is narrower than a tampon and it suits for women who have difficulty with tampon insertion and also helps to assist with a smooth transition to larger sizes.These dilators are smooth and comfortable, easy to control, lightweight, latex-free, washable and safe.

Dilator Sets are used for a different kind of conditions:-

  • For example, radiation treatment for gynaecological cancer damage the vaginal lining and make the vagina narrower and less flexible.
  • For some females, dilation can minimize these effects and help the vagina heal.
  • Penis-shaped objects used to stretch the vagina after radiotherapy to the pelvic area or cervix. It can help to prevent the vagina becoming too narrow to have sex comfortably. It can also be used after surgery that has resulted in nerve damage to the vagina which may also cause narrowing.

Different sizes of Dilators Kits:-

  • Small Size - A small dilator might be the size of a tampon.
  • Large Size - A large one might be the size of an average penis.

Each set includes 6 multi-sized graduated dilators, a universal handle, lubricant, and care instructions all in a soft unbleached muslin pouch. The dilators are carefully crafted with a comfortable size range, a seamless finish, and a silky low-friction texture to allow smooth entry and eliminate sticking.

Convenient handle improves insertion control while keeping lubricant off one’s hands. The product is medically safe for individual use and easy to clean with soapy water. For storage portability and privacy, dilators fit one inside another forming a convenient, small package.

Vaginal dilators are also known as retainers. Dilators are usually available in specially designed dilator kits. Dilator kits contain a range of different sized dilators to allow for appropriate size and progression of treatment over time. First Inserting the smallest dilator into the vagina, leaving it in place for a minute or so, removing it, and then reinserting it. Then try up to large dilators. Dilators should be well lubricated. Ideally, dilator exercises are done in a comfortable place with relaxing for 10-15 minutes nightly. Over time, women's repeats the exercises with successively larger dilators. Trained physical therapists can explain the technique, but a woman can do the treatment at home at her own place. The process effectively enables women to stretch and relax their vaginal muscles.


Reviews (12)

Good product! -
Everything is great - I love your service and website and am glad it exists.
Works well...! No fear...! -
Every time I had painful sex because of I have vaginismus problem. After I searched for the solution on google. When I know about this dilator sets. First I confused after bought from shycart. I received within 2 days. Then I have been using the smallest one a little at a time and have seen improvement. Hopefully next week I can move up a size. Very nice product...Very comfortable...
Good product. :) -
My partner told me about these dilator. I bought and used regularly...After a week it was less pain during sex. I can finally have sex again after 3 years!! Now I relaxed...I'm so very happy. Thank you!
Powerful kit! -
Powerful kit
***** -
Good product
Good Quality Sets! -
I received this order on an expected date. Very discreet packaging. It was exactly as shown on Shyacart. It comes with nice bag. Good quality, easy to use & clean. The clear instruction leaflet and the DVD to be more specific if there was any uncertainty. After few times of using it, I could feel the difference. 5 stars product for me. I can honestly recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing postmenopausal symptoms, dryness etc.
Good product! -
Super... best product...
Amazing Product -
I was 26 years old and lost my virginity, I suffered from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse & it felt like a burning sensation and that my whole vagina is like closing and does not allow anything! So I was very depressed. I spoke out about it to my hubby...So both me and my husband decided to do something about it, I saw a sexual health expert who put it down to being 'vaginismus' which is what I expected it to be. But for me, the same help was not near my house and after some research that my doctor was completely useless about this we found this. So took the step of ordering them. I received within 2days when I have to say wow, at first I was doubtful as I never thought I'd even have the ability to use the first size however following SEVEN days then I found myself working my way up to the largest size. I won't lie and say it was easy because at the time I felt like giving up yet whatever I can say is DONT be patient, be casual and take as much time as necessary. I used it 2 months regularly, now I can have pain free sex, so women don't endure peacefully purchase this amazing product and get yourself back on track to having an extraordinary sexual life. :)
No more painful Sex -
I bought this product because I had very painful sex. The first day I worked first 2 levels, leaving each inserted for 7-10 minutes. Second day, I started with the 3rd level when I had pain so I left that in for 1 minute after back to 2 level and worked out 15 minutes after that I started 3rd level, left that in for 15 minutes. On the third day, I had tried starting with the 4th but it was painful to insert so I moved back to the 3rd, then inserting the 4th was pain free. Next day I started with 5th level but It was very painful to insert and I had tried starting with the 5th level so again I used only 4th level for next 3 days. After one week I continued 5th level when i inserting easily without pain. Seven days I worked 5th level for 25-30 minutes. Totally i used this dilator sets for 14 days, On 15th day, before sex, I again used the 5th only for 2 minutes. Finally I started sex with my hubby! when I had pain-free penetration for the first time ever! My goal is to be able to not have to use this right before sex, but until I work up to this point, it's totally worth doing it to be able to not only not have pain, but to truly enjoy sex. I'm soo happy! Thanks to Shycart! Highly recommended product! Note: If you are moving up levels, you do not have to find someplace to set down the used one - it just nests inside. It does, though, make it slightly harder to clean up, though not too bad. Again, I consider it is worth it.
Good -
Excellent product...
No More Pain! Extremely Satisfied...! -
This is a very good product. As I suffer from vaginismus and after many times failed attempts. So I bought this dilator from Shycart and I worked out daily 20 minutes. I have finally found a product that solved my problem and now no more pain during my sex life. I’d almost given up on having a “normal” sex life. I just wanted to let you know about my great success and relief because of your product, dedicated to helping a woman like me attain normal sex lives. Keep up the good work and thanks! Excellent product...Thanks to Shycart.
Good service -
I'm glad I found this site to buy products I don't find at stores. Satisfied with the purchase.

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