Buy Skore skin thin condoms online at Rs.100 | Skore skin thin reviews | shycart
Buy Skore skin thin condoms online at Rs.100 | Skore skin thin reviews | shycart
Skore skin thin condoms 10

Skore skin thin condoms 10's

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Skore skin thin condoms are the one of the best ultra thin condoms available in the industry. A great quality condom from TTK group has garnered great reviews for itself.

Skore skin thin condoms

Skore skin thin offers the "no-one-in-between-us" feel to the couple who use them. Skore, a premier brand from TTK group has always stood out in delivering the best quality products, condoms to be precise. Skore has formulated the best quality skore ultra thin condoms to give the skin-to-skin feel between the partners during copulation. Slightly lubricated to avoid the roughness of rubbing the rubber on the skin. Skore skin thin condoms excel as one of the top best thin condoms in the industry. While coming close to #1, the skin thin condom will ignite the passion of lovemaking to the next level by offering the "almost nothing" feel. Advisable for the ones who loves both sides of the coin while tossing. It removes the barrier of having no-condoms between the couple and at the same time, offering the best feel to both. Skore skin thin condoms or extra thin condoms has the tagline "Lets nothing come between you and your partner". True to that, these super thin condoms are so thin, that one barely notices the presence of the condom. these extra thin condoms also allow partners to experience more sensation during lovemaking.

How thin is Skore skin thin?

Skore skin thin condoms are very thin so that they don't give the feel of wearing them.

Skore thin condoms sizes:

Skore skin thin condom Length is 180mm and Width is 53 +/- 2 mm. Skore extra thin condoms come in standard sizes, so everyone can use these condoms without any worry. Also, despite these condoms being skin thin, they offer the same levels of protection against pregnancy and other STDs, just like any other regular condom works.

Skore skin thin condoms price

Skore skin thin condoms come with a price tag of Rs. 120 for a pack of 10 pieces. This is really a real deal considering the fact that other extra thin and super thin condoms have a heftier price tag for similar products.

Skore ultra thin condoms reviews

Skore thin condoms reviews have been very positive since the launch of the product. Customers get addicted to it and do a repeated purchase of them always to exhibit the brand and product loyalty. A great thin condom from skore, that actually scores well. "Very satisfying product", "Good" are some of the reviews and comments that users have posted regarding these skore skin thin condoms. To read more such comments and user experiences, visit the shycart.

Skore skin thin condoms disposal

Skore skin thin condoms come with a safe disposal pouch, in order to dispose of them safely. This is also given to ensure the ease of disposing of the condoms, after use, without much ado. Generally, condoms do not come with any kind of disposal methods and it is only instructed that the used condoms need to be disposed of safely. However, this is not the case with skore extra thin condoms because there is a safe disposal pouch that comes along with the box. Just simply put the used condoms into this pouch and dispose of them safely. NOTE: Please do not flush down the used condoms down the toilet or drain as it may lead to clogs and blockage. Use a dustbin.

Where to buy Skore skin thin condoms?

You can easily purchase these extra thin condoms from any regular pharmacy stores near you. However, in case you are wanting to avoid the awkwardness while purchasing, head out to shycart's physical store in Adyar, Chennai to purchase these skore skin thin condoms. Still better, you can purchase these super thin condoms online from with 100% privacy and concealed packaging.

About Skore

Skore condoms are quality products from the house of TTK Protective Devices Limited (TTK PDL). They are one of the forerunners in the condom manufacturing business and have made several breakthroughs in this industry. Skore condoms are one of the largest condoms brands in India, It is also one of the most popular brands in the country. At the same time, Skore condoms are constantly creating awareness amongst the people about safer sex. Skore condoms offer several types of products, namely coloured, flavoured, dotted and climax delay condoms. Skore condoms are currently having a capacity of over two billion condoms every year. It also exports to several countries including the USA, UK, France, Austrailia, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and South Africa

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 Skore skin thin condom - Reviews and Ratings

Skore skin thin condoms 10's - Reviews

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Good work, it helps a lot,the purpose of your site is the need of so many people who can't go to physical store. Great continue
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