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She scrub - organic facial scrub
She scrub - organic facial scrub

She scrub - organic facial scrub

Brand: Shecup


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Serecin protein obtained from silk glue has properties that are beneficial to the human skin.

Acts as skin moisturizer as much as 300 times of its weight.

The protein contain about 18 types of amino acid which are antioxidants with substances that kill certain types of micro organism which cause skin diseases.

Protein helps eliminate toxins in skin cells thus reduces skin inflammation, accelerates wound healing and erases wrinkles.

The protein enables cells to build collagen and elastin which revitalizes and boosts skin to have a flexible and moisturized look in older ages.

Help boost renewal of deteriorated facial cells

Eliminate dirt in pores and revive facial moisture for radiant and young look without causing irritation to delicate skin.

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