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Sasmar conceive plus 8x pre-filled applicators

Is there anybody who does not want to conceive naturally? Just imagine the joy of natural and safe conceiving. It is not only a joy but a sound reason to cherish for your lifetime. Considering the physical and emotional disturbances in an infertility treatment,this lubricant is a boon towards natural fertilization. This Lube is accepted worldwide by doctors, fertility centers and pharmacy council. This particular product is recommended by the FDA which is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through regulating and supervising medications, pharmacy drugs etc., The product ensures the sperm safety(retains the motility) since the tonicity of the sperm and the lubricant are even. The lubricant has calcium and magnesium ions which are essential for cell viability which implies the ability to maintain the potentiality.

How Conceive plus works?

The other available lubricants when used blocks the sperm movement within a minute.But CONCEIVE PLUS maintains the motility of the sperm at the least for 10 minutes and hence facilitating the natural fertilization process at its best.

How to use?

Employ the required quantity of the lube to the genitals at the time or 10 to 15 minutes before starting the intercourse.
Special pre-filled applicator tubes are available to use only once and must get rid of it after single use. Multi-use tube also exists in the market. Can be used by both the partners.If required it can be applied again.

If preferred can be used daily.

When to use?

Women trying for pregnancy must use it based on calculating the ovulation cycle. Ovulation happens 14 days before the due period. It is advisable use any prevailing ovulation calendar to know your productive days.

The product can be used regularly for the other following reasons:

  1. To overcome vaginal dryness.
  2. For prolonging and great pleasure

Why use lubricants in intercourse?

In simple words, Lubricants are used avoid vaginal dryness and makes the intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable for the couple.But the question is about the  side effects of lubrication on impregnation.

Why CONCEIVE PLUS Lubricants?

Unlike the other available lubricants that prevents or harms the process of fertilization ,CONCEIVE PLUS Lubricants are clinically tested and proven Natural Conceiving Lubricant that plays a dual role to support natural conceiving and a normal comforting lubricant. 

Who can / should use ?

  1. Women over forty who are trying for natural fertilization can use it by calculating the ovulation period.
  2. Suitable for Recently married women attempting to conceive a baby.
  3. Newly married can use it for increased pleasure.
  4. Women can use it to overcome the dryness of the vagina especially during and after the menopause.
  5. Both the partners can use it on a regular basis for a healthy and a satisfactory love life.

How / how much to use?

Employ the lube to the genitals at the time or 10 to 15 minutes before starting the intercourse.
Single use pre-filled applicators that contains  4 gms of the product is available in the market and is best for intra-vaginal application.It is better to lie flat while using the lube since it is slippery in nature. Slowly  insert the narrow end towards the female genitals and press the tube   gently till emptied. Be sure to use the tube only once and discard it instantly. 
In case of Multi-use tubes , apply a small quantity preferably 5 ml(for each partner)  of the product using a clean fingertip to the private parts.Strictly avoid  syringes,fillers or other tools since it may be a reason to cause an infection.
If required can be applied more than once on the same day for extra moisture and increased pleasure.          

How often should I use?

If you are trying for pregnancy the product is recommended on ovulation days which are 14 days before your due period.But most of the women fail to remember the last  period date.Using an ovulation calendar solves the problem.Try the lube every month until your result is positive. Very safe and  can frequently be used on all the normal days of intercourse to overcome vaginal dryness and  for a truly better sexual experience.

Should it be used only during ovulation days?

Not necessarily. It can be used on all regular days of intercourse for enjoying your sex life.The degree of conceiving naturally is multiplied when  the product is tried on ovulation days.

Conceive plus success stories

People trying for their first baby for a long time are benefited out  of this product.         
Nearly half of the users rejoice immediate confirmation of pregnancy as they use it for the very first time.
Waiting for the second or the subsequent babies is more frustrating but "Conceive plus" is a blessed stuff for succeeding pregnancies as well. An elderly woman reports that, "It worked for my daughter though her right fallopian tube is removed.I am a Granny now.". 

Reviews about Conceive plus in India

  1. A large number of people share that the results are positive when compared to other products.
  2. Many suggested that they got pregnant the very first time they used the lubricant.
  3. Used and trusted by people in the medical world.
  4. Doctors recommend it for those women who are trying for pregnancy over 40 years of age.
  5. Though many such products are in the market Conceive Plus is a trusted and most advised one.
  6. It has the higher number of hits in the internet which means this lubricant is sought after to the greater extent.

What not to do

  1. This product does not work as a contraceptive.
  2. Do not use it after the date of expiry.
  3. Do not use syringes to apply the lubricant it may cause infections.Use only the pre-filled applicator.
  4. Strictly Do not use the pre-filled applicator tube more than once.



Deionized water, hypromellose, sodium cloride, glycerol, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, methylparaben, potassium cloride, magnesium chloride, calcium cloride.

Safety Information

Use as directed. This product does not harm sperm, or hinder sperm movement.



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