Sasmar conceive plus 75ml
Sasmar conceive plus 75ml
Sasmar conceive plus 75ml
Sasmar conceive plus 75ml
Sasmar conceive plus 75ml

Sasmar conceive plus 75ml

Brand: Conceive Plus

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Conceive Plus® is a fertility-friendly personal lubricant for use by ALL couples who are trying to get pregnant! 

Conceive Plus® is the only fertility-safe personal lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions. These ions essential for cell viability and the process of fertilization. 

-The personal lubricant that is "safe for couples trying to conceive"

-Gynecologist / Doctor Recommended and sold in more than 60 countries

-Supports fertility naturally, Contains calcium and magnesium ions essential for the process of fertilization

-Only product cleared by FDA as gamete, fertilization and embryo compatible

-Formulated for positive results - Supporting fertility naturally!


Conceive Plus® was formulated by doctors and is designed for use by all couples who want to have a baby.

Scientifically formulated to match fertile cervical liquid and sperm, enhance sexual activity and increase the likelihood of conception. Conceive Plus® fertility lubricant is pH and electrolyte balanced to imitate the body’s own natural fluids. Safe for sperm survival, viability and motility and safe for embryo development. A published study shows sperm safety.

Clinical Data published by the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE October 2009. FDA cleared and allowed to claim "Safe for use by couples trying to conceive".

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